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Home infusion

Has anyone started having Remicade home infusions? If so, how is that working out?
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Yes. My older daughter started them when she went to college this fall. It couldn't be more convenient. They come to her dorm room and do them. They shipped everything they might need. Pre meds, gloves, IV pole, pump, iv supplies, epi pen etc, etc. We had a choice of 5 providers. Her GI helped us interview them and in the end we went with Nu Factor because they only do Remicade and Iron infusions so they have a lot of experience. They are wonderful to deal with.

My younger daughter's hospital infusions were denied and we were also going to go with Nu Factor but we switched hospitals and the new hospital got them covered.

I got curious and found out one reason why there is such a huge difference in costs from one hospital to another. We recently moved and our new hospital charged us 4x more than our old. When I got the detailed bill it turns out that most of that cost was tied to the cost of the drug. I was curious why there was such a wide range from one hospital to another for the same amount of the same drug.

It was because of the 340B Federal Drug Program. The 340B Drug Discount Program is a U.S federal government program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations/covered entities at significantly reduced prices. There are a few ways to qualify but for this forum's purposes it would generally be a childrens hospital with a disproportionate amount of Medicaid patients. Our old hospital qualified. The new one did not. Our new, new one does.
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My dd in college is getting home (dorm!) infusions. I have heard that for over age 18 in the US, it is the way of the future and soon most adult Remicade infusions will be done this way.

Good luck!
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I have been getting home infusions for about a year. no complaints at all. I used to get them at my gastros office but when he merged with a hospital they would not allow him to continue due to the hospital also providing the service (for a heck of a lot more cost). My insurance prefers home infusions and even qualifies me to receive a "reward" for using a less expensive method and a preferred provider. $500 each infusion. Even without the reward I would home infuse. Nurses are always very good and I literally sleep through it.

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