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Collagenous Colitis

Hi I years of chronic diahriah episodes going 20-30 times a day and being sick 3-5 times and in severe pain each lasting roughly 4 months at a time then going for 8-9 months and then coming back, fecal capracation test came back as almost 900, MRI was clear but I've had my Biopsys from the colonoscopy and it says I have collagenous colitis.. Anyone else have this? Or have any information on it? X
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I had to look this up and this is what I found. I am sorry to hear of your struggles, and am hoping that you can get some relief soon. Sending lots of hugs.
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Thankyou x
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Sorry about the GI problems being experienced. Hope you find relief soon.

I believe that falls under the Microscopic Colitis (MC) area. You can press on the General section. Then at the top you will see a section for discussing MC and it's different forms.

I have MC. Don't recall which one. Mine responds to diet changes. Most with MC try eating gluten free for awhile to see how well that helps. I'm currently avoiding dairy products and seem to be improving. I'm also avoiding wheat gluten. Gluten bothers my stomach I've found but I can eat some without to much issues. For me I think wheat is just difficult to digest, similar to eating fiber rich foods. There are some medications that helps the condition for some. I didn't have luck with the prescriptions myself but others report doing better after taking.

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