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Having a flare up

My question is.... do you eat whilst having a flare up or do you starve yourself hoping the pain goes away sooner????
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It's better to keep eating, as your body need energy. Liquid diets may help.
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I agree. Try something like Boost Complete.
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Start low and go slow. First, see if you can tolerate liquids like Ensure/Boost, clear soup broth, or juice. If you are still hungry for solid food, try moving on to BRAT foods (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) that you know are safe for you. Anything more complex than those I would try a bit at a time until you are feeling better.
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These liquid diets that I see you have in the US, we do not have in my country. So I usually eat a lot of soup and porridge. Rice tends to agree with me, so I put rice in my soups to make it feel like I am actually eating something (I use short grain rice). I will slowly move from soups, to less and less liquid food. Risotto and "creamy" food. Chicken. I also eat a lot of yoghurts, put some oats and/or chia seeds as they make slimy goodness for my insides. I try to focus on drinking a lot of water during the period I move to more solids too. I have even bought babyfood sometimes.
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Eating smaller portions and reducing fiber intake will reduce the total volume going through one's system to give inflammation a chance to settle down. Energy shakes are a good supplement during flares.

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