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I have Crohn's had op last yr took small amount of bowel away from my small bowel at present i have a flare up. Bad pains in belly feeling sick aches all over my body no energy all i want is sleep.Been but on questrain 4mg sugar free. This is making me so ill aches all over arms shoulders belly pain and sick. Went to chemist they gave me the questrain normal not sugar free hope this dont make me the same as the sugar free one .The Crohn's as changed my life dont want food sometimes no go in me given up smoking for 9 months now just want to wake up in mornings not knowing how i am goin to feel normal again
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Hi bev
Are you only on the questran?
You maybe need to call the ibd nurse for some pred and something else to help of youre not.
Flares make you feel awful.
They may be able to prescibe you some ensure to tide you over.
Id deffo ring the flare line.

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