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Liquid diet help

Hi all

As some of you know I was put back on the liquid diet (Ensure plus) recently, although due to delays at the GP surgery processing the prescription and the pharmacy having to order in stock I only started it properly this week. I donít know whether to call my dietitian or IBD nurse tomorrow, as things have not gone well so far

I started properly on Tuesday, and recall not feeling great. Wednesday was terrible, I was in quite a lot of pain and was exhausted so in bed for 6:30 pm and slept until it was time to get up for work the next day.

Thursday I decided to cut back on the drinks a little and only have 3 shakes instead of the prescribed 6. This seemed to help and I felt better. However Friday I had 4 drinks and I was in a lot of pain again within a couple of hours after the 4th drink. Has something changed in Ensure plus? I had no problems like this with it last year, other than it causing a little reflux.

The pain is not like anything else Iíve experienced, usually I get cramps or colicky type pains. Whilst these can be very sharp, they ebb and flow so Iím not in constant pain and most of the time it passes quite quickly. On a few occasions this has gone on long enough to keep me awake or wake me up, but for the most part itís not too bad. I have codeine for the bad days but I seldom use it unless Iím really struggling and paracetamol hasnít touched the pain.

This has been different, itís a constant awful sharp pain in the same place which just never stops. I havenít taken any codeine as Iím already really Ďslowí in that department and I donít want to make this worse. Iíve decided to have a couple of days off the drinks just eating bland and easy to digest food, and the pain has vanished! However (I apologise in advance for tmi) Iím *really* struggling to pass anything. Itís very painful when I do which is causing me some anxiety about it all.

Iíve just had some milk of magnesia which I hope will help, but otherwise I donít know what to do. I will let my dietitian know in the morning, but Iím not sure about my IBD nurse? Iím worried they will tell me I have to have steroids again instead which I really donít want to do at the moment.

Is this as simple as the Ensure not agreeing with me for some reason or is something else going on?

Diagnosed severe Crohn's of the Duodenum, Terminal Ilium and Cecum.

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As your Crohns changes so does the ability to tolerate formulas
Ds started on kids boost (similar to ensure )
But after a while could tolerate
Then was switched to peptamen jr (semi elemental similar to modulen)
That worked for years

But last year had to switch to neocate jr (elemental) since he wasn't tolerating the peptamen jr anymore

Ensure plus I believe is 1.5 cal versus ensure which is 1.0 cal

The higher concentration formula may be more the issue
Can they get you a few regular 1.0 ensure ?

Or a semi elemental like modulen?
That should help

Good luck
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Thank you, hopefully theyíll be able to switch me to something else which will do the trick :-)

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