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Doing great but worried

Hi, in a 57 year old man. I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 17 years ago and I had a resection about a year later. Over the last 16 years I've been on refaximin and mesalamine. I also take curcumin and vsl3. My doctor recommended Humira after my last colonoscopy. I've been on Humira for a few months and doing very well, thank God. I have been able to eat tomatoes and drink alcohol with no effect on my stools. I'm concerned however about the long term serious side affects. I've asked my doctor to consider a lower dosage of the Humira in order to minimize the risk of cancer and infections. I'm currently on the normal dose of 40mg. But instead of every two weeks, I give myself the shot every three weeks. I took a calprotectin stool test 13 weeks ago and my level was 18. Last week, it was 54. I think it's normal for it to plunge after starting the loading dose of Humira, which I did back in June. If I begin to see it settle down and it stays under 150, I would lobby my doctor to reduce the dosage of Humira even further. I'm still taking the refaximin, Lialda, vsl3, and curcumin. They don't have the serious risks that Humira does. If there is a chance they are helping, I'd rather keep taking them.

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Hi. I would not have the dose lowered. You also might go into the Treatment forum . Underneath there is a section for people on Humira. You might try posting there also.
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