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Just looking for some understanding...

So I don't really have a question or anything today, but it has been a really rough week and I'm feeling like I need some support from my fellow Crohnies.

My disease has been active since October and it really did not seem like a big deal then because other than some minor pain I was still feeling pretty good. GI put me on a course of steroids and I assumed the little flare would disappear by Thanksgiving.

I hate being wrong.

The pain just got worse and then became so severe last week that I had to call the GI and ask for stronger pain meds. It was the worst I have ever felt. GI was concerned that an abscess might be forming, so she ordered a CT. Thankfully CT showed no abscess, but there is a short section of Terminal Ileum that is a mess of inflammation and stricture (which I knew was there already). I just can't believe that after two months of prednisone and my normal Cimzia there is still inflammation!

Anyway, GI got the approval process for Entyvio started, upped the Pred back to 60mg, and is having me meet with a surgeon next week to discuss resecting the area. At least we are on top of this, but it is not how I was planning to spend my December.

Thanks for listening (reading?).
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Sorry you have to be going through all of that,but your GI seems to be on the ball,which is good.I hope you feel better soon.Please keep us updated.
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I also hope you feel better soon. Keep us updated.

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