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Low elastase-1

Hi everyone,

I posted on here yesterday but have another question since I've been searching the internet. My consultant don't think I have crohns but I did a detailed stool test at the nutritionist and it came back along with a high calprotecin of 220, my anti-gliadin IGA is slightly high at 207 should be between 0-157 indicates celiac but told It wouldn't cause high calprotecin but wat I'm really concerned about is having a low elastase-1 at 170. Should be greater than 200. I've read the internet and it says its pancreas insufficiency caused by malnutrition, pancreas cancer, diabetes and pancreas inflammation. Hoping its not pancreas cancer but wondered if it could be inflammation caused by crohns? Has anyone else had a low elastase-1? Also my b-glucuronidase is 2953. Should be less than 2486. After googling it I've become very worried. Is this bad?

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