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Immunity boosting

I'd be really grateful for advice/opinions here.

I'm on azathioprine and mezavant. I feel run down and tired a lot but my bowels have been okay. I have a slightly low white blood count and calprotectin of over 400.

I find that I pick up colds/bugs/sore throats a lot. I seem to just get one cold after another. I take it this is because of the azathioprine suppressing my immune system? Do any of you take anything to boost your immune system? I'm not sure if that would be contradictory - taking one thing to suppress and another to boost my immune system.

Could the raised calprotectin be related to the reduced white blood cell count/ me picking up lots of bugs? I don't feel that my bowels are worse than they were when I was under 100 so not sure what to do.
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I am also on immunosuppressants and have thought about getting a nugabest belt but I don't know if its worth getting it, I dont want to get the flu shot this year.

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I think the raised calprotectin could mean the disease is active.
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Thanks for the link Pals. I'll check that out. I actually had the flu jab this year. My thinking was that if I did get the flu on top of everything else it would be awful to deal with. I don't know if that was the right thing to do or not, it's difficult when your entire life seems to revolve around the illness.

Ron - I think that was something I was trying to pretend couldn't be happening. I'm so scared of becoming unwell again.. I don't have bad symptoms though, so hopefully by just taking care of myself the next test will show reduced calprotectin....

Thanks both for your replies.

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