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Bloating after eating

Hi guys! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis earlier this year. I am on oral prednisolone now after various enemas didn't work. Things are very slowly improving I think!

Something that's really bothering me though is the bloating. Every time I eat my stomach swells up, very noticeably. It's obviously quite uncomfortable too. It tends to go down after maybe an hour or so after each meal. And it doesn't seem to matter what it is. I'm dairy free currently as I'm breastfeeding my dairy sensitive little boy, and we often have gluten free meals due to my husband's ibs, so it's clearly neither of those ingredients. Any clue?
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I sometimes get this too. I was told it was likely bacterial overgrowth in my case as I am otherwise in remission at the moment. There are other possibilities too, so the best bet is to bring it up with your GI at the next opportunity.
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Agree. Bring it up with your GI next time.
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