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Eating on aza

I'm going to start azathioprine in the new year and am wondering how you all get on eating...are you as restricted or can you broaden yr choices.. also worried about getting colds as I'm asthmatic too.. is it really as risky as it sounds..
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I had a terrible reaction to taking it. I guess I am highly illergic to it. The first time I vomited over 30 times and the second time 52 times. Hopefully this is rare but I would ask your doctor.
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I have been on it over a year and have had no side-effects so far. You donít need to change your eating when on it. Hopefully it will put you to remission which should enable you to eat whatever you want. I have asthma too. I make sure I get the flu jab and try and stay away from people who are ill. I get a few more colds a year but thatís it.
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I have been on it for years. Everyone is different. I haven't been able to eat more. I too try to get the flu shot every year. I wish you the best
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Thanks for all yr replies guys...really helpful.. hope i all keep well..xx
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I've been on it for 3 or 4 years (lost track of time) and it's been a real game changer for me. Wonderful med for me, no dietary restrictions, no problems with anything I want to eat.
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My son has been on Azathioprine since Feb 2017 when he was first diagnosed with Crohn's. On Sulfasalazine (because low cost for me vs other meds) too until Aza kicks in. Stopped taking Sulfasalazine twice to test if Aza was working, but no luck. He started bleeding again. We are now testing Aza a 3rd time by taking him off Sulfa starting 12/2 keep your fingers crossed.

He still doesn't eat much. He is 16 years old and he hasn't gotten his appetite back yet. He gets nauseous in the mornings and after gym. He recently developed a hand tremor in his right hand. I posted about it in this forum under the Parents with Kids with IBD. Besides that, no other side effect.

Since Feb, he hasn't gotten sick until now. I am taking him into PCP today for his sore throat. He may not have gotten sick until now maybe because the Aza wasn't working yet and his immune system was still on overdrive. In a way, I am kind of glad he finally got a cold. Maybe it is a sign that the medicine finally works?? Hopeful

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