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Trying to manage-My Story

I'm new to forums and really never thought I would be making a post...but I have not found anyone else who has crohn's to chat with about it since my diagnosis just over a year ago. So my story:

I have been dealing with the symptoms of Crohns since I was a teenager and am 35 years old now. I was diagnosed just over a year ago after being hospitalized from severe stomach pains and having a scan and then colonoscopy. While it was good to know what's wrong with me, it's been quite a rough year and there's definitely been more questions than answers still.

My main symptom which has always been my issue is constipation. I've never dealt with diarrhea. Most information I've found is geared towards people who deal with diarrhea as the main symptom and sometimes have constipation. Which is mostly why I have more questions than answers at this point.

I was put on prednisone right away and Imuran. I am off the prednisone and don't plan to go back. I'm also off the Imuran as it didn't have any effect. I have been mostly medication free as I would rather go a more natural route if at all possible. So far it's been a struggle and I'm now toying with the idea of a biologic although I really feel it's not the right way for me. I have tried juicing marijuana leaves and CBD/THC tinctures but wasn't able to keep on them for long enough to really see a difference.

I have been struggling through my longest and one of the worst flares since diagnosed right now. It's been going for about a month. Now looking back I feel like the juicing and tinctures were probably helping so I do plan to get back on it and give it a real good try. My only issue now is that I would like to get pregnant sooner rather than later and I know I need to be in a remission state to do so.

If anyone has any tips specifically on tinctures (most specifically on ratio of THC to CBD), tips on chronic constipation and what has worked for them (I've tried fibre, water, laxatives, have changed my diet completely, I exercise) and anyone who has done colonics and if it was good for them, it would be much appreciated! Or just any comments at all really!

Thanks for reading
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Hello and welcome.You've come to THE best crohns forum on the web.I'm sure someone will be along soon to help with your enquiry.We do have a trying to get pregnant thread if you browse through what's on offer,but like I said,someone will see your post soon and offer advice.I have just started using CBD oil for IBD and arthritis but it's to soon for me to comment.I know you will find lots of support and friendship on the forum.

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