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Worried I have IBD/Crohns

I am 32 years of age. Always had a delicate stomach but never suffered with vomiting or diarrhoea. Can probably count on one hand the number of times I have had either of them and have never had stomach cramps either.
This October I came down with what I thought was a bug. It started with a migraine and severe fatigue followed by horrendous smelling gas and a tugging feeling in my stomach. I lost my appetite also... Then the diarrhoea hit. It started off as a normal color but then turned bloody before returning to brown. I recovered after a couple weeks and just had a week of stomach acid and horrible smelling gas before having a great few weeks of feeling good.
Now it seems to be starting again. I have horrendous, almost sulphur like smelling gas, stomach acid and had an accident when out in town today. I don't have pain, diarrhoea (Although my stools are loose) and I am not being sick but I am still convinced I have Crohns/IBD. Is this how it starts and is it rare to not be in pain/have blood in stools?
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Hey, from what I've read stomach pain, recurring diarrhoea, weight loss, and extreme tiredness are the main symptoms for IBD. But I think there are a bigger range of symptoms and it seems different people experience different ones.

I'd make an appointment with a doctor if possible to explain your symptoms, possibly make a note of the date(s) when these things happened so you can share a timeline with them. (After my first appointment I was asked to wait on my symptoms to see if they resolved on their own)

Hope you're all right
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I agree. I would make an appointment with s GI.
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