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Brand new to this

Just got diagnosed with Crohn's 3 days ago. Went to Cuba, got traveler's diarrhea that lasted 2 weeks. Doctor prescribed Cipro. That took care of the diarrhea but the pain didn't go away, it just got worse. Went back to the hospital, they had me scheduled in for an abd ultrasound in the morning. During the ultrasound, the tech left to go get the doctor. That's never good. She suspected appendix but also saw my intestine was thickened. A phone consult with the gastroenterologist removed appendix as an option and he wanted a colonoscopy done the next day. Starved for two solid days for all these tests. was awake for the whole colonoscopy so I saw the Crohn's in my intestines and saw him take biopsy's. seems it took a while for the sedation to actually kick in! He phoned me later to tell me its definitely Crohn's. started on vit D, prednisone, Tylenol #3 and iron liquid. Looking myself into CBD oil and using marijuana on my own anyways for now. I'm just devastated to have this and the pain and spasms are too much to handle. I'm trying to work through it is really hard. I guess I'm just wondering how others handled the initial diagnosis because right now I feel like crying and crying (which I have been doing). Thanks.
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Welcome. You will certainly find plenty of support here. I hope that you can get on the right medicines soon to get you in remission. Please come here anytime.
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Hello and welcome.Every one feels overwhelmed at first, but once you get used to the idea and you find meds that suit you,then hopefully it won't seem as bad as you thought it would be.You'll get lots of support and advice on the forum, and you can come and have a vent or a cry any time you feel the need.I hope you begin to feel better soon.Best Wishes.
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Welcome to the forums, really sorry to hear you are in pain. Hopefully diagnosis is the first step to getting better, may be over time your prescriptions will start to help. All the best.

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