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What to eat?

Hi everyone. I'm still struggling to control my UC, and now I'm looking to diet to help alongside medication. I'm not necessarily wanting to eliminate everything, just to be careful and make a few changes, and keep a food diary too.

I am already dairy free, as dairy aggrevates my breastfed baby's reflux. My ibd nurse said to have white carbs (bread, pasta etc) and to reduce fruit/veg/high fibre foods. How can I do this and have a balanced diet? Has anyone got any tips?

Also I fear fatty foods are a problem. Twice in recent times I've had takeaway fish and chips and both times I've been horribly bloated, and about an hour later had urgency and a fair amount of blood

Finally drinks... Should I just stick to water? What about juice/soda/hot drinks/alcohol?

Sorry! Thankyou!
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You could look for IBD-AID diet in my signature for some ideas...
Water is always a safe bet... I avoid all drinks filled with sugar, chemicals and alcohol.
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I think part of the benefit of bland/safe food limited diet (even with less fibre) is that it gives your gut chance to repair, then hopefully you can reintroduce those foods later with more success. At least I think this is the case with ibs-like symptoms.

For me personally I've stopped excessive bloating by removing gluten from my diet, but I think everyone is different, hopefully the food diary will show you safe and unsafe foods, good luck
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I'm on a very bland diet right now. Each morning I eat scrambled eggs with either deli turkey meat (nitrate free), homemade muffin, or a banana. Lunch I'll have chicken noodle soup along with organic rice chips, and baked chicken tenders sandwich with miracle whip. And dinner plain pasta noodles with either chicken or fish and canned carrots. I also take a daily women's multivitamin. I've cut out all fried food, beef, pork, alcohol, carbonated drinks, nuts, chocolate and limit my dairy intake. If I want a snack throughout the day I munch on crackers, homemade rice krispy treats, golden oreo cookies or vanilla pudding.
I've been on Humira for 2.5 months now and hope I can start eating other foods soon. I've been eating the same food for the past 3 months lol

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