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Hiding it for 10 years

Hi everyone! My story is funny or not, depending on your attitude. I choose to laugh about it. I first started getting Crohn's symptoms in college when I was about 19. It was pretty mild and embarrassing, so I just used the one private bathroom in the dorm whenever I had an episode. I was able to keep it secret from just about everyone and got really good at excuses for why I would disappear frequently and for long periods of time. After college, I lived by myself so it wasn't an issue, but symptoms were getting progressively worse. I'd never been to a doctor about it.

I'm 29 now. This May, I started living with my boyfriend so suddenly someone was there to see where I spent so much time. He was shocked I hadn't seen a doctor, but I hadn't really noticed how bad things had gotten over the years and how it was interfering with my daily life and even my relationships. He made me see a doctor and within a month I was diagnosed. Yesterday I started medication and I can't wait to have my life back. I owe it all to him and can't believe I let myself be ruled by this disease for ten years. I'm so happy he's with me and that I'm going to get better.

When I was first diagnosed, I cried because I know there's no cure. But he pointed out that I was living with it already, and the only difference is that now we can do something about it. And it's perfect timing as the new year starts!
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Welcome. I am glad your boyfriend has been able to help you.
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I just am so happy you found a guy who cares so much. He helped you! May the relationship last long. Crummy diagnosis but beautiful story.
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So glad you got help
And are starting meds !!!
It may take a while to find the right med combo for you
And any led in GI land takes a very long time
Think months not days
But once you find the right combo
You get a new normal
Good luck
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I had symptoms for over 10 years without a diagnosis, it isn't nice! Glad you have finally received your diagnosis and able to start treatment now!

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