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Period causes mini flare up of my Crohn's symptoms

As i've got older and my periods have got more...developed i've found that from a few days before and for the entire duration of my period i get a kind of mini flare up of my Crohn's symptoms. Some times its not so bad, but other times its hell.

I was just wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing? and maybe what you do to try and combat it.

-bc x
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Yes! Well, I *think* it's a mini-flare -- I'm thinking all of the cramping sort of gets everything rumbling down there, know what I mean? Lately I will experience EXTREME cramping for an entire week prior to starting. Even birth control doesn't seem to subside it much. There's really nothing I do to combat it. I whine, moan and complain and that's about it, lol.
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Hey BC - we've had this discussion lots on here - can't remember what to tell you to do the search on - but maybe try period, and time of month in the search and see what you can come up with.

I *always* had this problem. By the third month cycle I'd be ready to go back on steroids. I ended up getting an IUD so now I don't have any periods and that took care of that problem for me - but I was done having kids. My GI doc said it has to do with prostaglandins which circulate in your system during your peroid an they can cause inflammation. "Normal" woman can take Advil or NSAIDS to help with it, but we can't - bummer!
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Totally. I have always had a bad tum around that time of the month. I always called it period [email protected]! Now I am diagnosed with crohns I realise what it was. I have the Depo injection now so no more periods for me.

I think we have completed our family now, but I'd rather carry on with Depo than have hubby get the snip because the depo gives me so
uch more than just contraceptive benefit

lishyloo x
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like peache said, they are lot of stuff about periods on here. most of it says that us woman get mini flares when we have a period. but we also get "better" when were pregnant.
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Yeah, I remember a huge thread about this. Since my first period I always had awful cramps + diarrea. Doc says the same hormons that causes the uterus to contract causes the bowels to contract, and so we get these lame symptoms.
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There's a lot of information and posts about this. It seems to be a really big complaint among people with IBD and IBS.
I got sick of it and ended up getting the Depo Provera shot every three months. It stopped my periods and now I don't have to worry about the extra pain and symptoms.
Well that and I started the shot because my doc was concerned about me continuing the pill because of digestive problems.
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Hormones are definitely linked to IBD (likely IBS as well)...I've noticed alot of women that end up getting sick with IBD (for the first time) during or sometime after pregnanies as well....and as far as the periods go, it can definitely exacerbate our symptoms, I also suffer from this...usually a week before they come, during the time of them and even for some days after...if I'm lucky I get about 1 week of month where it's calmed down a little...really sucks.

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A doctor told me once that when the uterus contracts it contracts the bowel too and since our bowels are screwed up it adds to the pain and discomfort when "Aunt Flo" comes to visit...
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CrohnieCarolyn said:
A doctor told me once that when the uterus contracts it contracts the bowel too and since our bowels are screwed up it adds to the pain and discomfort when "Aunt Flo" comes to visit...
Yup, true, which is why a majority of women -- even those w/out IBD get major "D" during Aunt Flo, uck!
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I am right there with you all!!! It is horrible. My October cycle landed me back in the ER doubled over in major pain. I am uncomfortable for a week before but 2 days after my cycle starts I can barely move. Then my abdomen hurts so bad I cannot even roll over in bed for about a week after it ends. It really is sensitive almost bruised internally like. I have just switched from my beloved Nuvaring to Seasonale in hopes to avoid my period for most months. I am not really happy so far since i seem to have breakthrough almost everyday. Wondering what to do? Merida?
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How long have you been on Seasonale, MissMel? It can take a few months before it regulates itself.
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yeah i think i did a thread about this topic before... i usually flare up within 5 days after my period finishes and sometimes i've had flare ups a few days before....

but usually it's about 2 days after and lasts for 2-3 days.... i just had that happen last week. it is a mini flare. it's not super severe, but still not great but will only last for approx 2 days

there's definitely a hormonal correlation when it comes to flare ups. at least in my case.

though i hadn't had a flare up in 3 months prior to last week.... the remicade and imuran was doing the trick but i had stopped imuran .... now i'm back on it.

so lesson learned.
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Yes - I definitely get worse diarrhoea every month when I start my period. And when I've had my bad flare-ups with lots of blood in the diarrhoea, I've usually been on my period. My hormones definitely affect how my Crohns plays out. I find that making sure I get enough rest and sleep, and being strict with my diet at that time of the month makes things easier (so for me that's avoiding dairy and processed foods as I know they make things worse).
I mentioned all this to my consultant but he didn't seem particularly interested!
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I agree- seems to be worse around my time of the month. Although many of my gal pals also report the same symptoms and they don't have Crohn's. Maybe it's a girl thing? My acupuncturist told me that its common among all women to have D and cramping etc. Plus don't we all tend to eat worse around this time? Sometimes I think my cravings for sweets around my time of the month makes it worse cause I usually give in and eat whatever I can get my hands on.

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I've just got my period today and last night and this evening had cramps after dinner for the first time in a while. I wondered too if this is just 'normal' as opposed to being the Crohns?
I've only recently been diagnosed but have had what I call a 'Poo tummy' for years around period time. Not D or anything but going more often and having cramps etc.
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It definitely gets much worse for me a couple days before and during my period. My best friend becomes a heating pad at night to put over my tummy to help with the cramping pain (not sure if it is from "Aunt Flo" or the impending diarrhea). During this time, it is also really important to drink as many fluids as you can--from the period and diarrhea you can get quite dehydrated. My anemia also kicks in full force so I take three 325 mg iron per day.

Best of luck and hope you find some relief!
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It took a quite a few times that everytime I ended up in ER with a bowel obstruction, I was on my period. Years ago my mother figured it out. Then 4 days after my period I get alot of mucous and pain. I just avoid alot of foods and stick to a bland diet or Ensure for a day or so or porriage. I have to have something for pain because since I was 15 and I have suffered almost every single one. Headed towards menopause and fewer days now, hopefully when I stop the pain will stop.
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Yep, definitely a problem here, I think my first ever thread on this forum was about this topic! My first sign that I'm due each month is what feels like the start of a flare - lasts about 8-9 days - 4 days before, and 4 after I start. Not fun at all.
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Yes I get flare ups when I get my period. My gastroentroligist says it's normal since every thing is pretty much connected.
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Since this thread has woken up, and I've been thinking about this recently, I'll chime in: yes. So much yes. My abdominal pain is so profoundly worse for the entire week before my period. It seems to settle down just as the period comes in and becomes more "normal" pain (for me - my gut pain has turned into "visceral hyperalgesia", yay) with some period cramps thrown in. But that pre-period week is incredibly painful.

I'm so frustrated - I actually went off the Pill since we were thinking of trying for a kidlet, so I can't prevent periods any more, but now I'm on Budesonide which is not gestation-friendly, so plans are indefinitely delayed. I don't want to go back ON the Pill and off it again (it took three months for my period to show up again), so argh. Just... argh.

Hopefully my shiny new Lyrica will help with the hyperalgesia, anyway...
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Never noticed much this till recently but the last few times I've had my period has been hell! So much abdominal pain and I've had nothing but D since Monday. Crohn's is under control apart from this time of the month.
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I actually got worse when I was pregnant, I jay cant conform! I can say the last 1 1/2 years without my period has been awesome!


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CT enterography May 2015 !!

Waiting for the ok from my Ins company to restart Remicade. Will also start Imuron to get into remission!
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