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Fistula before being diagnosed?

I started with stomach cramps which left me only to be replaced by diarrhoea which turned bloody for a few days then returned to normal colour back in October. It went away for a while before I got hit with another 2 week bout of diarrhoea again over Christmas. Once again it has stopped but I am waiting to be seen by a GI.
My new symptoms now are upper stomach aches which come and go and bubbly urine. I have heard the bubbly urine can be a fistula symptom. Is it then possible to have a fistula before being diagnosed?
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Everyone is different. I don't recall having bubbly urine with a fistula. I would wait for diagnosis by your doctor. I hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks. I am really scared I not only have crohns but also a complication such as a fistula/stricture
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Hi Anxious855,

I'm not sure about bubbly urine, I have had multiple fistulas but nothing changed in regards to urine. I hope you get things under control soon. Be sure to go see a doctor sooner if you are worried about waiting too long to see the GI.


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You can definitely have something before being diagnosed especially when you have to wait so long to be seen by a specialist. Hopefully either your GI or regular general practitioner will test for any fecal matter in your urine to see if that's the cause which is very possible if you have a fistula connecting to your urinary tract or do a Cystoscopy (scope of your bladder). "Bladder and intestine: "vesicoenteric", "enterovesical", or "vesicointestinal" Bladder and colon: "vesicocolic" or "colovesical" Bladder and rectum: "vesicorectal" or "rectovesical.""
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