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Imodium experience

Hey everyone.

I took 2 capsules of Imodium on Friday morning and then one more before I ate dinner that night. I didnít have a bowel movement until Monday morning but found it to be quite normal with no D or C. Was just wondering what everyone else says experiences with Imodium is? Does it make you normal or just slow down the D?
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It just slows down the diarrhea.
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For my colitis, Imodium helps some but not a large amount.
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Imodium gives me cramps. It does slow things down for a few hours, but I don't like the way it does it.
Codeine does the same but more pleasantly but you obviously don't want to take that all the time so I do end up taking imodium to alternate with the codeine but as little as possible.

I've never tried taking 2 at a time, can't imagine the cramps then!
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Sometimes it works for me and sometimes not. 50/50.

Sucks that I can't rely on it, but I guess 50/50 is better than nothing.
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Imodium is one of those things that works differently for everyone, for me, it means I won't go again until the next day, unless I eat/drink something that usually causes D and then I just have a normal bowel movement without urgency.

My IBD nurse advises only taking one at a time, as people with bowel diseases are more prone to blockages and imodium can increase the chance of this happening, so it might be a good idea to try doing that one time. Take one after a loose movement and then wait until the next before taking another. If the second movement is well formed then don't take any more imodium as this could then cause constipation. It will take some trial and error to get to a dose that suits you.

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I agree with V.A. as I do exactly the same.It's all about finding the right level for you.I get mine on repeat 'script' and it says up to eight a day,but usually 2-3 does the trick,one at a time.I have a phobia with constipation and although I do suffer from it periodically I much prefer D. Strange,I know,but far less worrying for me.If I can,I would rather hang on for an hour or so to see if the D. clears on it's own before taking anything.

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