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Ileostomy Reversal Surgery

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I recently had Ileostomy reversal surgery after three months. The surgery itself was not painful. The post surgery has been lets say unpleasant. My surgeon said I would be going to the bathroom a lot after the surgery, but 12-15 times a day is crazy. Everything I have read about reversal surgeries this is on par for most people. Everybody is different for when their bowels decided to wake up. If anyone has had the same surgery, I would like to know your experiences and how long it took for your bowels to wake up.
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Hello asm191...
Sorry to hear of the problems you are enduring and hope you will soon feel better.
I have not had this type of surgery but with the bowel resections I have had it has always taken
a long time to get back to reasonable living...usually many months.
It can be a very gradual process.
Someone who has had the same surgery as you will be able to compare notes with you and
hopefully will be along to help you.
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Thank you. I also have had 2 bowel resections. 5 years ago (8 inches) and one in November (5 inches). I was able to come back from them pretty quickly it was just the pain from surgery that go to me.
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I've had three re connections in the last 10 years. Every single time I have to go to the bathroom 3x more than usual. I lost the ability to hold it in, so when I got reconnected I was camping in the bathroom.

We are all different but I would think that this is normal. After 1 month or so it will get back to normal.
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Hi, I had my reversal done on the 14/06/17 after i lost about 4 feet of combined colon and small intestine, on good days I'm going 3 times, possibly 2, but i would say I'm averaging 4 at the moment, usually formed in the morning and softer in the day depending on what I eat. My issue is I love chocolate etc and fatty foods, so that doesn't help.

Take care
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I had my reversal a couple of years ago. Today I go usually 3-5 times day and only very rarely formed. Things do get better with time.
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I had a temporary for 12 years. It was ROUGH for the reversal. It took a long time for everything to start back up again. Eventually it did, but it took about 2 months for it to really get "normal"

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