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Questions about new med

Hello everyone! I finally got some medicine from my GI - diagnosis still not conclusive but he is pretty sure I have Crohn's disease. I am taking Mesalamine 1.2 GM twice a day, starting on Sunday.
I know everyone is different, but I was wondering if anyone has any comments about it/how it generally works for you and specifically are there any significant side effects?
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I don't think it is one of the stronger medicines out there. I hope you feel better soon and you get a diagnosis.
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I was given mesalamine (Apriso) by a previous doctor, and it did absolutely nothing for my Crohn's. I can't remember the dose, but I took four pills everyday. I've since learned that it's not very effective for Crohn's, it's more effective for colitis. My next doctor told me to stop taking it, especially since it wasn't helping any of my symptoms.

It also caused excessive hair loss for me. I didn't go bald or anything, but I was losing a lot of hair in the shower and it thinned out. Once I stopped the Apriso, the hair loss stopped. Of course, now I'm on Cimzia and it's starting again.

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