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Please help. Thanks in advance :)

Hi all

Many apologies for joining when I haven't been diagnosed. I just hope I can gain some insight into my condition and see whether my symptoms are probably of IBD.

I have had problems with my bowels for years, more so after having my child 6 years ago. About 4 years ago I started to have 15-20 minute 'attacks' immediately after food consisting in order of: itchy right hand, fever (sweating profusely), really lower abdominal pain which leaves me curling into a ball on the floor in pain, retching and not being able to get anything out. These attacks are over with within 20 minutes and afterwards, I am in such fatigue which is like a really bad hangover, for 1-2 days afterwards not eating and feeling very bloated. Btw, these happen after anything I consume not just particular foods.When these started happening, it was every 3-6 months.. recently (within the past 2-3 months) they have been weekly (sometimes twice weekly) and are really destroying my life, happening anywhere and not just at home.. at work and on holiday. I have noticed I have beginning to get mouth ulcers. I don't go to the toilet after these episodes, sometimes I have really bad wind (sorry TMI!) and am constipated for a day or so. Other times I have really really bad diarrhoea afterwards and the next couple of days after.

The doctor has put this down to IBS. I have been to the doctor and have been diagnosed with gastritis (after getting an endoscopy about 4 years ago) which is what I have proton pump inhibitors for. I'm just so worried about the fever and the pain is really severe, not just cramping pain, I end up having to ring my mum and can't speak as so much pain. I usually tolerate high level pain well but this is just so severe. I went again last week to the doctor about this and am being referred to a dietician. I just don't think they are taking this seriously; the fever is what scares me most.

What I've read online is that crohns is something really bad, people being hospitalised for it and episodes can be ongoing for months with bad weight loss etc. I am sorry to post on here, I understand you are all struggling with a horrible disease and I hope I don't have to have it to. I am not self-diagnosing myself I just really want to find the problem and to see whether my symptoms could be something of either crohns or UC, just asking out there to see whether any of my symptoms is what you have had and how really I go about getting a colonoscopy.

Please please help. Thanks so much in advance.
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Welcome. Everyone is a little bit different. Don't worry about what you have shared. It could or could not be ibd. I might get a second opinion.
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Thanks so much for your reply. I think I will x
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Hi there! I would look for a second opinion if possible. Many of us go undiagnosed for years so can totally relate to your frustration! Something isnít right, donít settle for being brushed off.

Let us know how you are x
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Hi Mousey,

Welcome, you are not alone. No worries about diagnosis or TMI, you are having a really rough time right now, and we are all here to give one another support, regardless.

I also think a blood test is in order, most likely it will be routine. If not, ask for one and try to get a copy. It can come in handy.

Good luck, feel free to come here any old time.

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