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Back spasms

Hello my name is Abigail. I have only been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease recently. I have been off steroids for two weeks now and have finally gone back to work (work in a office) I am now experiencing back spasms which I have read could be due to inflammation.. this may be a silly question but I am wondering can I drink alcohol tonight? Or would it be sensible to not?? Because everything else is absolutely fine, I feel great! Just the back spasms randomly.
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I would probably steer away from the alcohol.
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I had back spasms often when coming off prednisone. It was like clockwork, and they would show up for a couple weeks, then go. In particular, they came after physical exertion and sometimes when waking up in the morning.

I have no idea of the impact of alcohol on them. Exercise caution with alcohol, especially as you are getting used to living with crohn's. Vomiting due to a blockage is very different that vomiting due to alcohol consumption. It will definitely effect the manner in which you are treated in an emergency room though and may prevent you being treated appropriately.

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