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Pain after eating

Hello. In the fall I had a CT scan which showed inflamation and swollen lymph nodes. January capsule endoscopy showed athpous ulcers. Yesterday, I had another CT scan. This one was negative. However it did show some swollen lymph nodes.

So what could be causing the pain after eating. Like an HR later. According to the most recent scan, I have no active inflammation.

Could it be because of the ulcers? Or can you have right side pain and have no inflamation being present on the scan?
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Might be a scar tissue stricture.
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Hi Kendra,

First off, welcome! Regarding your question, it's hard to say. I think it is possible the pain is related to the ulcers you have. I think you should try to get an independent decision from another doctor on what they think is going on. It can make a big difference in being properly diagnosed soon. I hope things improve, let us know how you are doing.


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Does it hurt with every food you eat or only specific foods?

For me I have no inflammation but depending on what I eat I can have pains.
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