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My life with crohns

I am a 53 year old male. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 14 in 1978. I was on the Prednisone yo yo throughout high school, had a remission during college (perhaps by the recreational use of marijuana during those years) and then had Crohn's intensify its impact on my life throughout my 20's. I had 50cm of my small intestine removed at age 32 and decided I could no longer survive the way I was living. I cut red meat and pork 100%, stopped drinking soda with caffeine and reduced my corn intake - all triggers to my inflammatory symptoms. I stopped taking Prednisone (gradually decreased over 6 months) and took only Asacol for inflammation management.
I also started seeing an acupuncturist who really helped me with improving my energy levels - especially during change of seasons when I typically had flare ups.
I also tried to separate my carbs and proteins (ate at different meals) to improve digestion and reduce energy required to digest my food.
I eventually stopped taking Asacol also and am medicine free related to Crohns's disease.
I ran a relatively fast marathon at age 47 (3:42:41) and was in very good health.
I have recently started to gain weight (primarily in my stomach area) and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.
I still run and exercise but not nearly what I used to when training for a marathon.
I recently did some reading online about Prebiotic supplements. I have taken antibiotics over the years and understand that antibiotics kill good bacteria in the gut. My limited research seems to show Prebiotics has a way to get the good bacteria back to healthy levels in your gut.
Does anyone with Crohn's disease take a Prebiotic supplement - I watched the Dr. Stephen Gundy video on Prebio Thrive in particular. The video mentions that it will help with stomach size as well as reduce blood pressure levels - my two current concerns with my health.
If anyone with Crohn's has experience with Prebiotics I would love to hear your experiences. Thank You
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I have no experience with prebiotics but I am sure there are others on here who have experience with them. On another subject, i would not recommend going off all medications related to Crohn's disease. You could go into a flare.

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