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Immigration to Australia

Hi there,

I am 25 and want to immigrate for a year to Oz. Medicare say I qualify for reciprocal health cover but only for up to 40K a year or something like that. I am going to go ahead and apply to Medicare as my inflectra infusion isnít as expensive as I thought it would be. Iím getting a letter from my GP and my GI. Iíve read to go to a GP over there who bulk bills. So does that mean I pay for it then ask Medicare to cover costs or flash my Medicare card and they say okay and bill Medicare? Also how do I go about getting a GI. Is this something I ask my GI here in uK to do? Give them a name of one and get hem to contact. I donít understand how everything works. Iím on the NHS and everything is just handed to us and I realise Iíve taken it for granted!
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Looked on the gov website and all I could find was it didnít cover preexsifing conditions
It seemed to be geared towards urgent care
And looks like a minefield
All I can
Think of is to join an ex pat group and ask about?
Unless you can find a phone number for it.
Seems dependant on which visa you go on
Other than that...... hard to understand is not the word
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Hey thank you for taking the time to look it up for me. Medicare said they will cover it because my medication is under the Reciprocal health agreeement. But I just donít know how to get a consultant over there now! Unless I find one near where Iíll be staying and ask my consultant to get in touch with them!!
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That sounds like a good idea actually
My friend was immigrating to nz but abandoned at the last minute,regretted it ever since and sheís off the skills shortage list
Good luck with the move!
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Don't you have to take and pass a medical? I expect it will be similar to immigrating to NZ and they have a medical for everyone regardless of where you come from.

A reciprocal agreement usually only works when you're on holiday somewhere not moving there for good.
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Layla itís only For a year we will have a 417 visa which is 6 months working only.
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hi, I'm in Australia, can't comment on the reciprocal arrangements as I wouldn't know that side.
GP's often bulk bill which means you just show them your medicare card and that's all that needs to be done.
It's not likely to find a GI who bulk bills so there will be a gap payment there, for example mine charges around $120 for a review appointment and medicare pays for $64 of this. To get a GI you need a referral from your GP.
You'll find that you do have to pay for your medications which will be subsidized, but likely around $38 per prescription, so having a reciprocal health arrangement doesn't mean you'll get everything for free.

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