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Can flu cause a flare?

Had proper flu & pleurisy just before Xmas. 3 weeks before getting flu had loading dose of Ustekinumab. Had first 8 week injection of Ustekinumab. Two weeks after first jab starting to flare and FCP test went from 93 at 8 weeks to 300 at 12 weeks. Consultant decided to give an additional injection at 12 weeks but still flaring. Next injection due at 16 weeks and then we decide if it is working.

I am wondering if my immune response to fighting off the flu and pleurisy triggered a flare? Interested to hear people’s thoughts.

DX - June 2012 with mild/moderate Crohns. In July 2012 bowel perforated unexpectedly and needed emergency surgery.
Current meds/supplements - Stelara (Nov 2017), Budesonide (when required), B12 injections (every 10 wks), Vit D tabs 800iu x daily, Ferrous Sulphate 200mg every day, Folic Acid once a week
Previous meds - Allergic to Azathioprine, 6MP, Pentasa & Asacol, Methotrexate injections (didn't work). Stopped Humira after 2 years due to ineffectiveness.
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I am not sure if fighting off the flu and pleurissy would cause a flare. In 1991, around Thanksgiving, I had the flu. It threw me into a flare.

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