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New to Crohn's and Hoping to Treat Naturally Long Term

I am actually doing this for my hubby. He's the one with Crohn's, but is relying on me to do all the research, planning, etc. He has spent his whole life dealing with medical issues, but the doctors could never figure out what was wrong. His last colonoscopy confirmed it was Crohn's and it's severe.

After being diagnosed last month, he started Budesonide and Prilosec initially. We immediately cleaned out our fridge and pantry and started a very strict diet due to severe ulceration of his ileum and other issues. How strict? Well, no red meat, no pork, no cured/processed meats, including cold cuts of any kind and sausages, no dairy, no corn products, no caffeine, no carbonated beverages, no whole grains/nuts (temporarily), no fresh fruit or vegetables (except bananas, and only temporarily), no pepper or similar spices, no fried foods, no alcoholic beverages, no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, no tomato products, no refined sugars, and nothing with preservatives.

After the initial shock, we actually realized it wasn't as limiting or difficult as it sounded. We could actually taste our food and it was good. He prepares salmon, shrimp, or chicken with citron salt flakes in a wok with a touch of coconut oil and a few fresh herbs, having rice cooked in broth and applesauce as a side. He eats nut butter sandwiches for lunch. Hummus or Guacamole with veggie straws for snack. Eggs with toast or rice krispies with cashew milk and banana for breakfast. We bake our own vegan cookies (I'm a strict vegan for my own health reasons). We also prepare a protein shake when our meal plan doesn't provide enough protein intake. He replaced his morning coffee with broth or herbal tea. He hasn't gone hungry or unsatisfied and his energy level and general well-being improve more and more every day.

He did not have any vitamin deficiencies, but I switched him to a highly potent liquid vitamin 6 years ago when he had his first bleeding ulcer and signs of a "serious problem" that they couldn't figure out. Because we live so far north, I've always had my family take extra vitamin D and other supplements during the winter.

He also immediately started Turmeric, Probiotics, and Etherium Gold (to offset the caffeine withdrawal). Well, within 48 hours, he already started feeling better. Pain, diarrhea, fatigue, night sweats. . . they were all gone. We found out he had H. Pylori, so he started the PrevPac to clear up that infection, and he times it at night so he can still take his probiotic. We are waiting on the Aloe Vera juice and herbal treatment until after his next doctor's appointment.

I am an aromatherapist, so I have also prepared some inhalers for him to use at work and am preparing massage oil blends to apply to his abdomen and feet periodically. We'll see how those help in about a week or so. He doesn't like the taste of peppermint, so we have to go the external route.

After all his blood tests were completed, the doctor cleared him to start Humira. He refuses to do biologics. I worked in specialty pharmaceuticals and health insurance when Humira was first introduced, and I have to agree with him. So, we are scheduled to see an internal medicine doctor that specializes in holistic/alternative medicine. He is getting his medical marijuana card, but we are also looking at other natural treatment options, including acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, etc.

So, my question to the group, who has had a positive outcome/experience with acupuncture? Homeopathic treatment?
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Welcome. I have swelling in my legs besides the Crohn's disease and other medical issues. Since doing accupuncture, i have not had to go on antibiotics for the swelling. The doctor wants me to do stockings but i don't want to.
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Acupuncture has been very successful in treating my abdominal pain,migraines and gout.
I go twice a week.
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I would advise to keep an open mind. The goal is to keep your bowel. This can be a serious disease and If you canít control holistically, then losing bowel can cause bigger problems than the meds that may help you preserve it. But you will find many people here with minimal disease or remission disease that can control holistically. I wish I was one of them.

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