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Repeating a capsule and diet


I was wondering if any of you had to re-take a capsule endoscopy.

The original test showed multiple alpthous ulcers most dense in the terminal ileum. This was done in January. Do these ulcers go away on there own? Or once they are present, do they stay present? GI wants to repeat the test.

Also I know with ibs there is the low FODMAP diet. Is there anything for ibd.? If u elliminate all anti-inflammatory food, would that heal the ulcers?

I just found out that the clinic I visit only see Medicaid patients on Thursday. So not helpful at all.
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Have you been formally diagnosed with Crohn's? Aphthous ulcers are common in Crohn's, especially in the ileal region of the bowel. They are considered to be a relatively mild form of Crohn's ulcer, but they are still not good news. They may repeatedly wax and wane over time, just as the disease itself does. But in general they will not go away long term without treatment for the underlying CD.

As for diet and IBD, many IBD patients have identified trigger foods that will cause them a lot of trouble. Thus, eating a diet that avoids these foods (and they can be different for each person) will certainly help you feel better. However, modifying diet alone is usually not sufficient to fully keep the IBD from progressing. Medicine, often strong medicine, is usually required to keep the disease in check and minimize the permanent damage to the bowel.

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