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Switching from 6-MP to a biologic?

Hi all,

I've been on 6-MP for almost 15 years, and in the last decade have developed increasing numbers of irregular moles (aka "dysplastic nevi"), ranging from moderately to severely atypical. I have had almost 20 removed (none of which have come back as cancerous, thank goodness) but I'm only 29, and I and my doctor are concerned that to continue on 6-MP may be a bad choice for me when weighing that it might be causing these moles. We have been tracking the studies showing that long-term 6-MP usage can cause an increased risk of basal or squamous cell carcinoma, which was not known about when I started on the drug.

We are currently discussing my coming off of 6-MP and switching to a biologic (Humira, Remicade, etc.) Does anyone have any advice, stories you're able to share of your experience of coming off of 6-MP in general or switching from 6-MP to a biologic specifically? Thank you so much!
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I am on imuran which I think is similar to 6mp. I ocassionally get squamous cell cancers. I have asked my doctor. He is not sure if it is from sun exposure or from the imuran. He didn't seem to be concerned. I would have a talk with your gi and see what he says.
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I may be partial, but remicade did the job for me with a little help from imuran. I too though have just had a squamous cell issue last year. i would just say, be aware. Maybe even keep a symptom log. For me though, remicade has been a life changer.
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My daughter had a mole which her dermatologist had been keeping an eye on for years. It doubled in size the year she was on Imuran, which is very similar to 6MP. Her dermatologist and the second opinion derm we saw wanted it removed immediately, especially because she was on Imuran.

It was removed and thankfully was not cancerous, but I have been afraid of Imuran ever since. I am much more comfortable with having her on a biologic (she is on Cimzia).
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Ds was on 6-Lp at dx
Switchthe to mtx for a few months and then to remicade
He has since been on some biolgic for the past 6 years currently on Stelara
Good luck
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