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Iíve got a colonoscopy booked for a months time. Iíd be interested to read other peopleís experiences if anyone would like to share with me
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Just had my third one.

The worst part is the prep, get that out of the way and look forward to the sedation they give you!! Its lovely!

Seriously thou the procedure itself is not that bad once sedated. Really nothing to worry about.
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I agree. I have had many of them and the worst part is the preparation.
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Same here.Prep's the worst.I know experiences differ so here's my input.Mix the prep and chill it for and hour or so.Although I didn't find the taste to bad,I used drinking straws to by-pass my taste buds.Get warm and comfy and try to make sure you have the bathroom free.Difficult sometimes if you have kids.Use baby wipes and nappy cream,or similar,as your rear end will get sore.I stared my prep at 5pm and couldn't get to bed until 2am.I still had to "go" quite a few times before my 8-30am apt.The test itself is OK.The staff go to great lengths to keep your dignity intact and make sure you know what's going on.I watched the procedure on the screen.It took about 30-40mins.If you're offered sedation,take it,as it will relax you,although not knock you out.But you will need a lift home.The doc should give you a rough idea how things are while doing the test.Then you will be sent an apt with the GI to discuss findings and what meds may be offered.That apt.could be 4-6 wks if it's with NHS.....There will be others around soon to offer their advice etc.Best wishes to you.
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Eat lightly a few days before, the day before only clear liquids...then the not-so-friendly prep.....

After, eat lightly the first meal, you may be gassy and uncomfortable...I usually plan on relaxing and napping the rest of the day after my scope.....I've had oh, 30 or so in my life so far.....next one is in about 2 weeks!

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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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I had another colonoscopy just two weeks ago. While the prep is not fun, I actually suffer more from clear liquid diet required on the day before the procedure. The Jello and clear broth leave me very hungry all day. The procedure itself is fine. I don't remember any of it thanks to the sedation.
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Thank you all for replying, I appreciate it. I will initially choose to have gas and air and if I feel uncomfortable then I will go for the sedation.

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