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Hey, everyone!

Finally after a 2 year process I had my surgery 11 days ago.
I had Crohnís disease of the terminal ileum for 16 years. I had severe narrowing and multiple fistulas from small bowel to small bowel to small bowel to bladder to small bowel to sigmoid colon. The surgeon said it was a nasty beast to remove.

I was originally told open surgery and bladder repair and sigmoid repair or possible resection of the sigmoid. My new surgeon done it all lap. And I didnít need to have my bladder or sigmoid repaired. The fistula to the bladder was nasty so my bladder is healing. But, all in all it was a success. My bowel movements have been fine. Still pain when I have a bowel movement or pee. But, thatís getting better each day. I wonít lie the pain I was in when I woke was really really terrible. I was waiting on my PCA pump and a nerve block. So they for some reason wouldnít give me anything for pain for what felt like hours. But, pain pumped help a lot. And coming off it was rough.

Walking and such wasnít too bad. Gas pain was terrible. Recovery in the hospital for 8 days. It was rough at times. But, rocked it. I start back Humira in a 2 days. AZA next week to help any reoccurrence. But, of this moment I am Crohnís free for the first time in 16 years. Eat healthy, workout, move, be adventurous and stay consistent on your Meds and all will be well. I look forward to fully recover. I can already feel a difference.

I would tell anyone questioning surgery to have the surgery.

Fistulizing Crohnís Disease
Diagnosed 2003
Humira 40mg once a week.
AZA 150mg a day
Ileocecal ResectionFeb 23rd 2018.
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Congratulations on your success! I hope you will be healthy for a long time to come.
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I am so glad for you.

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