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Jeff D.
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Sleeping problems again

Hey guys, I am having trouble sleeping again. I am starting to get anxiety right now and I am freaking out a bit. I go for my first drive tomorrow with my driving instructor. Also this is going to be my senior year in a few weeks and college crap is gotten me down right now. For the past few days I have been getting constipated again. It is freaking me out that I will only have a little but come out at a time.


I wish everyone the best
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this definately can be a stress-filled time with so much going on. Just think about things in perspective to control your anxiety.

How many adults drive. A LOT!
How many adults had to have a first driving experience/lesson: ALL OF THEM!

Do not worry about it. You are with an instructor who has done this loads of times and is probably going to be less worried than you will (even though they are the one driving with someone inexperienced!) Things will go fine, and they will guide you. We all learn to drive, so just go to it and don't worry about it.

Likewise everyone going to college worries about differnet things (will I get in? What should I take? Where should I go? etc.). These are important decisions, but there are no right and wrong answers. If you are getting sick to your stomach (literally)thinking about these things than you need to stop and take a break. Any decision you make is the right one for you, so just be confident in your abilities and your choice. Also speak with a guidance counselor about any problems/worries you have as they can likely help you out.

With the bathroom worries: worrying about it will not help it (and likely makes it worst). Focus on other things, drink plenty of water and eat your veggies and fruits (to get fiber). Excerise is important, and can likely help to help you sleep better also (and get rid of anxiety). Deep breathing before sleep can help with anxiety. Also just isolate each of your worries before bed that is giving you anxiety and look at it from the point of view of others. Realize that in 5 years, your worries about college will seem insignificant, or even someone who is starting college is likely not worrying about their decision (and if they are then they have their own problems they need to correct).

Good luck buddy and best of luck in life, sleep and in the washroom!
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Jeff D.
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Thanks Mike. I got to sleep finally at like 3 in the morning. The driving thing is just annoying and I wish that people did not need to drive due to global warming and I dont really want to contribute to the death of the earth. Although I need to drive to go places. I have to stop my friend from freaking me out about college. He wants to go to school instate and commute whereas I would rather just live at campus out of state. FOr my crapping problems I have not eaten as much subway last week as normal so I lost my regularity. That seems like thte only thing since that has been the only thing in my diet that changed.

When it gets late at night my mind loses all logical thinking. It is such a weird feeling to not know what you are really doing. It is like you are so tired that your body does not know what to do so it freakes itself out.

Thanks for the reply
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Nothing like tossing & turning, million things on your mind, to veto a good sleep. I know a little trick, very simple to learn, and once you master it it never fails. Ever.

Relaxing, clearing the mind, settling down.., ALL seem easier said than done. BUT,
if you give your mind a simple challenge, and focus on it, the rest will take care of itself. Here's the deal... You need a source of repititive, low level sound. What if I tried talking you to sleep? OK, undoubtedly I could do it, but geographically that would present a problem. Here's what works for me and everyone I've persuaded
to try it.. Get yourself one of the following.. a metronome or old wind up clock. Set
it in your bedroom so you can just barely hear it ticking... not close enuff that the ticking is anoying, just sort of present in the background. Then, instead of trying to sleep. Focus on the ticking... Concentrate... Don't let anything else disturb your concentration... Don't count the ticks, just listen to them and nothing else. Don't let your mind wander... Stick to the ticks... Before you know it, VOILA. You've
just self hypnotized your brain to sleep. Once you master this simple little trick, its
worth its' weight in gold... (as long as you don't shackup with a woman who hates
the sound of that freakin old alarm clock, metronome, what have you.. and makes you sleep in another room with the dog)... OOPS, strayed from the topic a mite!

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Jeff D.
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Thanks I will try that tonight.
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Thanks Kev, I might have to try that too. Jeff is not the only person who sometimes gets sleeping problems.

Jeff, senior year of high school was one of the best years of my life. At first I worried about college stuff but things will work themselves out. Just make sure you keep track of the deadlines for the applications and leave the actual decision making part for later. As the year goes on, you will have a better idea of what you want to do and where you want to go.

Good luck!
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Jeff D.
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Thanks btcrv
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GNC Crohn's Man
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If your problems stim from anxeity and not pain as far as sleep goes then ask your doctor to give a prescription for Restoril (generic name Temazepam)... It is a valium based drug that should help you to relax and go to sleep... Plus it is only like 6 dollars a bottle for the generic... ONLY take this if you know you have a strong will because you can become dependent on valium based drugs...

If you just take it every now and then though to help you sleep you should be fine..
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Jeff D.
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Yeah I cant sleep do to anxiety but I cant take those types of meds because if I do I will become dependent on them very quickly. I just need school to start and to stop going on the internet and realizing that it is suddenly one or two o' clock in the morning and I am like "Damn I cant sleep" and then I dont.

Thanks for the suggestion
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Try drinking some Chamomile tea... You could try a tea that has Valerian root in it but Valerian both taste and smells nasty no matter if it is in a tea or in a pill...

Another thing to try is taking Meletonin... You can get meletonin as sublingual (melts under the tongue), regular, or as a time released pill. The sublingual ones are generally 1 mg. The timed and non timed released ones are generally 3 mg...

It is safe and non addictive... Your body makes this hormone naturally when all the lights are off in your house and your body begins to unwind from the day... If you always keep artificial lights on then that may hurt your bodies production of meletonin.. Also meletonin is cheap. BUT you must be 18 or older to buy it. So if your not 18 then get your mom to buy you some.

It is not very strong at all against me... I am highly resistant to all pain meds and other drugs though due to my very high pain tolerance levels.. (I don't ever take anything for pain because 99% of the good pain meds slow down the intestines and just cause you to have more pain).

Case in point... I can take 3 suglingial meletonin 1 mg a pill... and take 4 TR meletonin 3mg a pill... A total of 15 mg of meletonin... That makes me a lil drowsy for a few hours... My friend chris he has anxiety/depression he can take 1 TR meletonin 3mg and it will knock him out cold for 12 hours...

If your not on corticosteriods atm I would just recommend taking 1 sublingual 1mg meletonin pill 30 min before bed... It tastes like candy and you just let it dissolve under your tongue.. If that doesn't work you can take up to 2 more under your tongue and be safe... Your not supposed to exceed 3 mg total of meletonin of the sublingiual kind...

I hope this helps... Also their are other pills besides meletonin... Calms Forte has things like passion flower, chamomile, valerian, and hops in it I think...

All of those things should be light and non addictive... BUT you must be 18 or older to buy them...

You can find all of these things at a GNC or local health food store... I know the GNC sells the meletonin anywhere from $3.99-$7.99 depending on if you get sublingual or not and by amount of pills... Also handy note in the lower right hand corner (only on GNC products) is an orange circle. If it is just a plain orange circle that means it is not time released. If it says TR in that circle it is timed released. If it says Sub then it is sublingual...

The calms forte is about 8 or 9 dollars a bottle... I haven't tried it but I know people who have and they liked it... I have tried similar products though... The only thing that gets me to sleep are the valium based drugs (restoril) due to all the cortisone coursing through my body at all times...

Another thing to do is to set a wind down time... This is NOT a bed time... This is the time when you stop doing stressful things and just do some repetitive calming tasks... Like folding socks... Getting your pills ready for tommorow... Things that DO NOT require mental focus... If you set a WIND DOWN time then you should be able to go to bed... Your probably going to have to set your winddown time for about 1-2 hours before you want to go to bed...

Also to not worry about homework and school, do your class work in 30 min study sessions with at least 5-15 mins of relaxing break time before working another 30 min... This will help a lot...

Plus if you have ADD or ADHD (nothing to be ashamed of thier I have some ADD but I have learned to control and use it to my advantage) thier are a lot of mental excercies you can do as well as herbal supplements you can take to help keep you on track...

But remember #1 prioty with crohn's and school is to get yourself into a routine...
You CAN NOT live like a normal college student... You must schedule your school around eating, resting, and excersing... If you do not do this then I guarnte you will get over stressed and have a crohn's flare... Remember the disease doesn't control you but you DO have to work with it... So some semesters you may not be able to get that class you needed because it didn't fit your schedule... Thats ok school will still be faster even though you will be taking less classes? Why? Because you won't have to drop whole semsters from having crohn's flares...

Okay that was a lot longer rant than I generally do...

Maybe someone can find some use out of my babble...

Cya later,

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Hope you were able to get some sleep Jeff.
09-06-2006, 10:09 AM   #12
Are you on steriods? A lot of meds cause insomnia...but I have occasional bouts of not sleeping, staying up till 3am, like last night....then waking up early like today...7am to be at the surgeon AGAIN after I was yesterday, right now I'm in outpateint or one day surgery whatever you'd like to call it, 16th rectal abcess being trained, I'm a veteran lol I know.
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Jeff D.
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Hey GNC man I have tried chamomile and it does absolutely nothing except help me crap more watery. I have not tried those pills yet so I may try them soon especially if they are cheap. I have never been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but I just have to much going on in my mind at one time. Skinsfan I don't take steroids but I am on 6-mp which should make me more tired but has always had the opposite affect on me.

Thanks everyone for the advice and the hugs.

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