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How much can you chew?

So I'm just wondering, I think this is universal but I don't know till I ask it...

Does everyone else eat small meals?

Let's say your tank (stomach) can hold 2 gallons of food. If you put a gallon worth of food in there, there's enough room for your tank to move things around and throw digestive juices left and right. If you fill your tank to the 2 gallon maximum, there's not much room for things to move around, so it's probably tougher to digest.

Does this sound correct? I try to eat 5 times a day. 2 bigger meals and 3 snack type meals, but should it be 5 medium meals? or 3 big meals?

Also, CHEWING. I think this is a big thing alot of people overlook. I've read things about chewing, and the number of times you should chew one bite. I remember there was some stupid looking celebrity diet that said chew each bite 50 times to allow for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

So does anyone have any experience with smaller portions or more chewing?
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I always chew my food up really well these days
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I have to stick to smaller portions and more often, a Hiatus Hernia can really act up if I do. The main thing is not just chewing, it is not a good idea to drink at the same time (I was told) and no ice cold. Since I have been doing that , I dont get the gas pains as often. Just my tid bit.
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I can't eat large meals or I really pay for it. I pretty much snack on stuff throughout the day, that's all my insides can handle. I try to chew well but I can't stand having one bite of food in my mouth for what seems like forever.
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I can hardly chew anything at the moment due to a mouth full of dental ironmongery. However, I think a good old chew is a good idea.

I'm convinced that smaller more frequent meals is the way to go. I often feel that it's not what I eat that causes the problems, it's how much. I've had fewer problems since I've been doing this.
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Chewing matters for most of us.It's necessary to chew food more but it's really foolish to do this 50 times.If your stomach can take so much food as you wrote than it's ok but I think it is wise to have proper quantity of food in stomach for appropriate digestion.
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And perhaps having a radio-controlled tank will help with any stomach issues!
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Just make sure you chew it up pretty good...That heavy artillery can be difficult to pass.
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It takes me at least twice as long to eat a meal as it takes others. I actually hate going out to restaurants for just that reason. I have to chew more with Crohn's and even more so with bad teeth. Eating Chinese food pretty much sucks at a restaurant. Please cook the veggies a little more thanks.
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