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Water Thread

Water Thread!!!

Personally I use a brita pitcher for my water. I try to drink as much as possible. I probably get in 4-5 large glasses a day.

Questions I have for you guys...

How much water do you drink?

Where do you get your water from?

Do you drink water (or any other liquid) while eating?!! I, as well as Jett, have heard that it's not good to drink alot of water while eating, but how much?

Hydrate yoself!
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I'm not a big water drinker...Usually drink ice tea about 24 oz/day. I don't force myself to drink a set amount. I drink when I am thirsty or eating.
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I probably drink a lot of water for 9 months in the year. This time of year it's too cold... so I just drink more tea and coffee. Drinking water does me all kinds of good. I seem to suffer from constipation- between the bouts of D, and plenty of water def moves things along.
The water here is beautiful... ice cold and straight off the hills... think they just filter out the sheep poo and other nasties
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i don't drink nearly enough...probalby just 1-2 glasses a day. When i'm working i drink way more, but for some reason i find it hard when i'm not working.

i also use a Brita filter, helps it taste better.
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I usually drink 4-5 bottles of water at work and a couple of large glasses at home. We also have a Brita. Don't drink as much at home during the week cuz I'm at that age where I have to get up 2-3 times a night to tinkle.
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I have a Pur Plus filter right on our tap. It doesn't take the flouride out of the water (for the kiddos), and most bottled waters don't have flouride in them.
I fill a gallon jug and keep it in the fridge.
I drink water with lunch and dinner and throughout the day at work. Same deal - I take a 1 ltr bottle of Poland Spring each Monday, then fill it from the filtered tap for the rest of the week. (Wonder if that counts in the "don't refill your bottles due to cancer causing plastic", but I figure 5 days won't kill me.)

tee-hee, Pirate said "tinkle".
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I am the "drink water" fanatic lol. I have a dug well and we have it filtered first, then a softner and then the ultra violet rays killing bacteria and Reverse Osmosis tap. The calcium in the water was helping creating kidney stones and I dont drink anyone's water tap. I also used bottled water because I have 3 dogs that knock stuff over and put a bottle on my end table at night.

I have seen a naturalpath doctor and a dietician and both say I shouldnt drink whilst eating. Sometimes depending on the type of food or risky food I use digestive enzymes. I try to drink at least 3 bottles of water or glasses.

A way to tell is if your "tinkle" is a yellow or almost orange colour you are not drinking enough. Water flushes out toxins, meds and hydrates you. Since I have done all the about my Crohns has settled so much, I was headed for a 3rd surgery, still keeping my fingers crossed!
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I drink bubbly, sugar free, caffeine free water all.....day.....long - sometimes watered down with regular water. I keep it in these Contigo containers that I bought from Costco which I love - keeps the water cool, and it is stainless steel - no BPA for me (well - except that the bubblies come in plastic, but not that "wrong" number). I pretty much don't drink anything else.
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Pretty good tap water where I am.

I try to get 48 ounces or more a day.
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I drink probably close to 200 ozs now a day. Mix between decaf Ice T and water
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Does anyone find that Cold water is worse for them than cool water, or room temperature water?! Everytime I drink very cold water I feel like it makes me go to the bathroom.
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Bruce and I bought a Dupont filter to put on our tap because we were wasting so much money on bottled waters. Now we fill up a big 3 gallon container with spout that stays in the fridge. That way we always have easily dispensable cold water and we save tons of money.
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We you guys on well or city water Kim?
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kimberlie said:
This is a funny (or serious) topic for us. Mike's Crohns became worse living in NC. His dad needed gallbladder surgery and developed worsening intestinal problems. My Mother inlaw also developed stomach problems. I needed my appendix removed and developed IBS.
I cannot say for sure it was the water, but we stopped drinking it a year ago. Our home was developed on old farm land. I believe my inlaws home was also.
We put a water purifier on the shower when Mikes PG was at its worse and he could not stand the water on his leg. The purifier made an immediate difference.
So, now we drink bottled water. And of course use the shower purifier.
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Keep in mind also, that just because your pee isn't clear, doesnt necessarily
mean you are not drinking enough. A lot of meds and supplements make your
pee that color and no mater how much you drink, will remain so. B vitamins do
this for me, for example.
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I get neon urine from my multivitamin... That's always fun. I've been using a Brita filter for a long time, and when I drink bottled water it's usually smart water so I can re use the bottles. I like the 23 oz bottle.
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OO! Slandur! Your first post ^ !!
Welcome to the forum!! ; )
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Welcome back Slandur!
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haha, yes, apparently I was a spammer, and now I have to make another 50 posts before I'm let into the lounge.
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Hello Friends.
I am posting topic about important of water. Water is our body's principal chemical component, making up, on average, 60 percent of our body weight. Every system in our body depends on water so atleast we should drink 8-10 glass in a day. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions.
For our body to function properly, we must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water.

Thanks for sharing this topic.
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Here is something major to think about, its a little known but very serious problem. Like serious to us and the whole human race.

I worry about some of the water were all drinking. In my home town, quite a few too many other people, mostly guys that ive met. They are comming down with crohns. Like I have read here about clusters.

Like in cancer clusters. Crohns is polution related. We have been poisoned by the Gov. and companies that are ignorant, greedy, heartless scum.

All people talk about is green, what about toxic. Gren makes money for some of the people running the show, toxic chemicals arent being cleaned up, stoped, or even cut down.

It would cost the major industries and government far too much money. My home town is full of radium waste, amoung other things. "Ottawa Illinois. Another town next to it has major arsenic.
And another has some acid waste, another silicon. There was a cancer cluster a few towns over as well.

Every town near has something, Here in north illinois. "Killinois".
If you live in a city your also drinking "recycled" sewer waste. Yes its true.
And chemicals like industrial fluride and fluride acids are dumped in city water as well.

Some of these chemicals are illegal to dump at most toxic waste facilities. But they dump it into city water. Thats just the fluorides, there is far worse in many, many places.

Its also in the food we buy, soda, you name it. Chances are, most here have been exposed, and most are week to the chems. The biggest problem,

It damages your genes, forever poluted. You know those vital important protiens that make up all you are, that you pass down. Your kids are very likely to get the curse as well.

Poisoned genes passed down your whole family line
Ive seen some evidemce of the here, and off line. As another guy on this site said," no one else in my family has it or shows any sings, except my kid."

Yeah, me too. My kids have some signs as well.

I have bad fibromyalgia, crohns and other unexplaind problems.
At first I thought it was because of my semi industrial work, but other guys around town are getting it too, a tow of 20,000. I question the water formost. Its best to not drink or cook with city water, or eat cheep food.

I plan on leaving this industrial state as soon as I can. To a rural less populated state. With less poison around. Its sounds paranoid, but I'm for real. This is a major problem. Crohns is growing in the population, like autism.

The water, and everything you make with it, soda, ice tea, coffee. It's most likely whats killing you. Well water may be polluted as well. Some of the wells around the edges of my home town are were found to be dangerously poluted.

I just thought all should know, this isnt just some paronoid rant, this is dead real.
Drinking recycled sewage waste is more than enough to awaken me, this is all wrong.
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I prefer bottled water (or filtered). I will not drink from a tap, unless absolutely needed. Also, like mentioned above, cold water is a no-no for me, especially in the morning. It makes my stomach hurt BAD.
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I drink Arrowhead Distilled water from the big jugs. We always have one on hand and bottles of SmartWater. I probably drink 40-60 ounces a day.
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at least 96 oz's while I am at work from a water/ice machine, that has a filter. At home I drink tap that is filtered by a brita filter from the fridge. I orefer it chilled a lil cooler than rooom temp, not overly cold.

Although I do prefer my Beer very cold! :-)

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I drink water 99% of the time. At work it's bottled but at home it's from the well.
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Smart Water and Bottled Water--Have to be more hydrated than most, no colon makes you septible(sp?) to dehydration...S
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Had to change my vote. I am now drinking nothing but water - no more sugar free bubbly waters for me. Thought I'd miss them more than I do, kinda strange.
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Ice T is great!
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I drink water when I am thirsty, no particular amount. Well water, as we have about the best water you can find in the U.S.

I drink Coffee and Green tea while at work, but that is city water, which I would prefer not to drink.

With meals I drink either a small glass of water, or a small glass of Cherry Pomegranate juice or Blueberry Pomegranate juice.


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