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Butter and SCD

I'm not entirely clear on why butter is ok for the SCD diet, isn't a dairy product? Why is it allowed?
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Because butter is God. I don't know the true answer here... but I do love butter.
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I'm with Katie... Actually I think Paula Deen and God decided the world wouldn't be the same without butter. Lol

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I found this-
Butter has virtually no lactose (and thus it is legal). Cultured butter is
regular butter with a bacteria culture added to it to give it taste. This
culture will eat up any lactose that remains in regular butter. So cultured
butter has less lactose than regular butter.

And this-
As for butter being OK and cream not. Yogurt made out of cream is OK as is legal sour cream. There is residual lactose in cream - I'd say about 5-10% and when you churn it, it separates out with a little water (buttermilk). In fact there is probably about less than 1% lactose in butter but it seems to be OK - better than margarine. Some dairies makes cultured butter where even the tiny residual amounts of lactose are changed to no lactose.

I also found this-
The 2% rule: There is a rule that allows some ingredients that constitute less than 2% of the total weight or volume unnecessary to report on the ingredient list. This can include sugar and other illegal ingredients, since these do not fall under the list of usual allergens.
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Thanks for the note MBH - it makes sense that we can have a dairy product like butter now. I was just entirely unclear how this makes the legal list and now I understand.

I will look for cultured butter to reduce the risk even further. I use it to cook some chicken and meat (mainly a beaf patty).

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