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Need To Gain Weight

92 lbs, 26 years old, 5"1...Need to gain weight.
I have always been about 95-98 pounds, had a baby in April, lost all the weight, flared in June, and I don't think it ever really has been under control since pregnancy.
Any ideas for weight gain, sick of looking like a dying little twig.
I don't have D, so I guess I've lost the weight due to malabsorption?
My doc is CRAZY busy, I can never get into see him, and when I do, I always end up having to go for a colonoscopy. (yuk!)
I don't have the option of getting a new GI, not that easy in northern ontario.
So any weight gain ideas?
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I would start by adding some Ensure to your regular diet. Packed with good stuff and easily absorbed and digested by most.

I would keep a food diary and look at what foods bother you and what don't. Maybe even look into one of the low residue diets for some guidance.
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I agree with CrohnsHobo. The diary helped me best. Try to increase your caloric intake best you can on foods you can tolerate. Best of luck and sorry I couldn't offer more advice to you.

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Try adding some Good fats to your diet; some examples:

- Olive Oil
- Ripe Avocados
- Hummus
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eat more meat. period.
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You would have to take something that will make you hungry...
Ensure Plus helps me. I took it once before and I'm on it now.
Makes you hungry, drink I bottle a day. Lift a little weight helps a lot too.
Its not so bad
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I have an appetite, I just don't seem to put on the pounds. But eating more meat is probably a good idea. i eat far too many carbs, not enough meat for sure
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If you count calories you might be surprised at how little you're eating whilst feeling you're eating sufficiently. It's possible you're just not eating what would be required to gain weight. More protein (ideally meat if you're not a vegan) is an apt solution too, as you're most likely protein deficient as well by your own admission.

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Ditto with Hobo...I use Boost plus...Is have the same issues...I'm 5'2" and weighed under 90....I added a Boost Plus to Break..Lunch..Din... for atleast two weeks..I'm up to 110...and I still have a Boost Plus daily...Hoping it will help with the multi vitamin with my Extreme Fatigue...Sue
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A fair few yrs back i used to weigh 9 and a half st when i was 18. Couldnt put weight on no matter how much i tried. Started exercising (kickboxing mainly but also running) and found weight went on pretty quickly, and as it was muscle rather than fat looked much better for it. stayed 10.5 for a while, now increased to 12.5 with more training (tho half a st is fat i reckon). Dont know if that helps but was the only way i could get hungry enough to pt weight on
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drink a lot of ensure, but also get used to eating more calories because otherwise it would just be a crash diet, meaning you'll get fat and hte moment you stop drinkin ensures or eating a lot purposely, you'll drop weight again

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