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Is there a trigger food that affects you, but not others with IBD?

Nuts, Seeds, popcorn and peas. These are just some of what are considered "normal" trigger foods. In many cases, these foods spell trouble for people with IBD, as they are not broken down during digestion, resulting in anytihng from pain and bloating to obstructions.

What I want to know is what foods that are not always mentioned as trigger foods do you need to avoid.

For me, I really continue to most food without problem (exception of nuts, seeds corn, peas and skins and peels of fruit and vegetables). During the "darker days" of my past though, I found that pizza was a real trouble maker for me (resulting in some hefty vomit sessions). Pizza to me makes sense as being a hard food to handle, as it is loaded with cheese (which can cause problems if there is any lactose intolerance), the ingredients are usually problematic (meets can cause problems, or so can skins of vegetables) and tomatoes also have seeds, which can cause further problems. Still I know that this is not always an avoidable food for all (it is even served for free at the CCFC heel n wheel a thon!)
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I have been able to eat pizza just fine and I have active inflmation... The trick for me is to make sure I take my digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride pills before I eat it... Also make sure the pizza you get is NOT greasy... Believe it or not Sams Club has very good pizza... It has very little grease and if you get the pepporni kind then it dosen't have a ton of cheese on it... DO NOT get the cheese pizza if you are having problems with dairy... My brother who has a cast ironstomach can only eat 1 piece of thier cheese pizza and he has no intestinal problems...

Also a whole pizza from Sams (bigger than a large at most places) is only about 8 bucks... The downside is that you have to wait in line forever to order and then it takes 10-20 min too make it.. So if your ever by Sams Club and need to do some shopping then oder your pizzza first and by the time your done shopping it should be done... Also brining along a friend helps a lot too cause they can order the pizza amd it will be ready by the time you are eady toleave

If you do not want tons of grease on a regular frozen pizza then try the Tombstone BRICKOVEN style pizzas... Make sure their the brickoven ones and not the thin crust...

Okay I hope that helps or makes some sugestions... But because I'm quiet drunk atm the moment due to the valium based drugs , the valium (adiavan) helps to t keep me from being super hyper or even in a a manic state... You could say my brain is only acting at about 60% efficeny acting a lot d

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grapes for me, I think some people have problems with fresh fruit and veggies but others seem to do fine with them.
recently I think Ive noticed that bread or any starches seem to make me feel bloated and crampy. maybe its always been like that and Ive never noticed cause I was always sick.
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Although I detest plain white bread, I normally digest it very well... UNLESS it is really fresh... Think it may be the yeast... If you notice a problem with bread, try some that have less gluten in them... you might have gluten intolerance on top of the IBD.. Read meat seems to be one of my trigger foods... Regardless of how lean it is, how thinly sliced or chopped up... It just doesn't seem to like my old digestive system, or vice versa.. Now, I've been on a very strict diet, and today my nutrition counsellor advised me to try adding some fruits & vegetables because she's concerned I'm not getting enuff iron.. Prior to this I wasn't allowed any fresh or canned fruit, or any green vegetables.. Really didn't leave me a lot to go on... so now I'm adding applesauce (minus skins), and some veggies that have to be cooked beyond recognition.. I've heard rumours that people with IBD should avoid beans & legumes... I sorta understand the beans thing (too bad tho)... but I'm puzzled over not eating/tolerating peas (as in green peas, not as in split pea soup).. Is it a question of digesting the skins? Anyone any info on this??

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Fresh fruits and veges because I have strictures in the small intestine and the pieces don't digest enough in the stomach to get through. That, and the fiber content of fruits and veges doesn't much help it either. Too bad. I like an apple every so often and a great salad. Not anymore! Urgh!
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Valentina said:
grapes for me
Well if they have the skin on them I can understand that. All forms of undigestable fibre (skins and peels of fruits and vegetables) are usually hard for people with IBD.

Eating the grapes without skin would likely help. That assumes you have the time to peel all your grapes . It may be easier to drink grape juice, or just squeeze the juice out in your mouth, but do not eat the skin.
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or get a juicer, then you can have fruit and veg w/ no prob - your body just has to sit back and absorb the liquid.
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ive heard alot of people cant eat popcorn, i just bought a movie theatre style popcorn popper, and thank god i have been fine eating popcorn, so far that is.
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I agree with what everyone is saying. Because everyone is different. I honestly dont have any off limit foods, unless you want to say I cant eat things because of my ostomy.

The popcorn thing is because of the kernals are "rouphage".
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My triggers are wheat, corn and gluten. Also all their derivatives. Please check out my web site for details on my diet. I am 100%. Go to my profile and click on "contact" and there you'll see my web page................Lynne
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Pizza is fine for me, I buy cheap ones that only have a sprinkling of cheese and put my own toppings on. As for wierd triggers, oven chips (fries to you americans) give me pain but chip shop chips don't!
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