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Where does your support come from?

I am very fortunate to say that currently I have no health issues or symptoms. I know though that if things do ever change, I have a supportive family to help me out. My school is also very good at giving me every opportunity that I need to succeed, and I feel that the medical team that I have is also my support system as they look out for me and what is best for me.

Who is your support system? Is it family, friends, religion, support group like this or anything else?

I would love to hear who you turn to.
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Jeff D.
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My good old friend who was my next door neighbor helped me get over my depressed days. My friend up here thinks it is all in my head. Also the forum is a good support for me when I dont feel well.

My deep faith in God has helped me a lot as well.
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at the moment all crohns wise is good. But when i do have problems i cant say i have much support my husband thinks if he cant help me get better then he cant do anything to help me, and my friends dont really want to know my health problems, and my family well, they figger they have enough of their own worries so when times are bad for me all i have is these crohns help sites. Thats why i used to post so much here cause i know how much it can help just to know there are people here.
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I have an excellent girlfriend. I was bestfriends with her talking about our relationshipps and such for 5 or 6 years, until we started our own...been tegether the 3 years since. We even got together when I had just gotten an ostomy, she's great.

I also have a great family support, last time I was in the hospital, all my family came at the same time, mom dad, sister, girlfriend, brother-in-law, aunts, uncles, family friends, even cousins, great support group.

I have to admit my girlfriend....I could live without her support and her telling me that my crohns or ostomy doesnt bother me. She really makes me feel good about myself.
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Mama Crohnie
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My support system is me...also, all the great people of this forum. I never had the chance growing up to meet others with the same conditon, so this for me is not only also gives me the chance to help out in anyway I can. I thank everyone for that.
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My support system is my husband, mom, dad, in-laws, and a few good friends. My husband is great....doing everything from going to my appts with me to trying to help me with what I can and can't eat. My dad is also great....calls me everyday to see how i'm feeling, and offers to do anything he can to help....even if it's just to make sure the dog gets a walk. I don't know what I'd do without their help and concern.

Being able to ask questions of other people with CD on this forum is a big help too.

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