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ENTOCORT EC (budesonide) Capsules is used to treat mild to moderate active Crohn's disease, affecting the last part of the small intestine (called the ileum) and the first part of the large intestine (called the ascending colon). Individual results may vary. Entocort EC is not for everyone. Only your health care provider can determine if Entocort EC is right for you.
This medcine can help you if you have mild or moderate crohn's... It's expensive though.. It is also a corticosteriod but with me I didn't really even notice any bad side effects... It is a timed released corticosteriod that pretty much just affects the ileum (last part of the small instestine).... So if your crohn's is active elsewhere then sorry your out of luck... The main use of this medcine is to help with mild crohn's to help keep you in remission... DO NOT ask to switch directly to this after being on IV steriods... You just simply do not get anywhere near the amount of cortisone from them... But the cortisone you do get is localized in the small part of teh intestine...

Another fun tip... If you just got back on prednisone (after not being on it at least 1 year or more) and want to come off of it sooner you may want to ask your doctor about a phased tapering of prednisone and entocort... BUT BE WARNED!!! This may or may not work for you... What they do is they give
you your normal tapering dosage of prednsione while at the same time start you on entocort for 1 week... After 1 week the entocort is in your body and you stay on that same dosage of entocort... However you get to lower your prednsione dosage a lot quicker... And also hopefully avoid a lot of the prednisone side affects..
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Actually I had crohns colitis and had budesinide as a maintence steriod, yes I have severe crohns, and it kept me in remission VERY long, 8 months, longest I've been in remission before.

The developed Entecort(budesinide) because it supposedly has less side effects. Especially in the bone area.

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