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Hey ya all:
I am not dignosed with anything. My GI did a colonoscopy last year and found inflmation in the colon. He didnt say what it was and was put on colzal which didn't do anything for me and also tried pentasa but had a rection to it. I dont feel well most of the time. I have had stomach pains for 2 years now. Now I also have more symptoms such as the bleeding, right side pains. The other day there was blood in the toliet and in my stool. Oh and also bathroom alot too. Everytime I eat I am always in the bathroom. What could this be/sound like? I also see my GI doctor the 18th of sept. I saw another GI that was covering for my GI because he was on vacation and had a stool sample test. Write back soon
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Leah... As i just put in another post, my current gI thinks I had IBD for 17 years before they finally diagnosed it. Whatever you have, or may have, keep going to dr's until someone can def. say what you've got, and follow their treatment plan. Whatever it is, the sooner you are accurately diagnosed, the sooner they put you on the right treatment. Dont' let anyone stop you from finding out what it is, OK?

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Yeah Leah, keep going to the doctors and they will find a diagnoses soon for you. I would go to Boston for a second opinion. And venting will help you out so just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully you will find a treatment that works for you. Ask your GI about every medicine and why/why wouldnt he want you on it to find out what works best for you.

Good luck

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keep plowing on Leah, its all you can do really. keep pushing and eventually you will get some answers. I think a lot of us have been undiagnosed, or even misdiangnosed for years.. unfortuanately that seems to be part of this lovely IBD thing we all live with. sucks, but we have eachother to lean on and vent to, and hopefully that helps get you through it all a bit easier.
hang in there, and I hope you get some firm answers soon.
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I am feeling alot better today for some reason. Thank you guys/gals.

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