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Humira or surgery

i am really confussed i have been given the options of starting humira or have a resection and i have no idea what to go for. right now i am in pretty good health i havent had a flare up for a few months so nows the time to act. i would just like to know a bit more about the drug like the up and down side of it from first hand accounts and also resection like recovery time/pain because im in a full time touring band i dont wanna take to much time off. any info would be much appreciated thankyou.
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Most people try to save surgery for the last resort. What are your symptoms? What treatments have you tried so far? Humira worked very well for me until it started wearing off. Now Remicade has kept me flare free for 14 months.
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Welcome to the forum. Did you not go on Remicade first?? I am surprised if not. I think it is the better and or stronger than Humira. I was allergic to Remi but I wished I could of stayed on it. Humira is milder. I am assuming you are narrowing? If your not it should be controlled thru meds, as MBH says, it really is the last resort. Depends on how bad your pains are and where they are. Having surgery fixes strictures and narrowing but your chances of it coming back can be higher and you still should be on maintenance drugs after as well. Ask your Gi what his opinion is, I hope you feel better soon. Let us know what you decide!
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You might want to keep the surgery for when you are too scared up to regenerate. Having surgery does not prevent the recurrence of diseased tissue. It just cuts out the stuff that wont work anymore because it is to damaged to repair its self. Also fistulas factor into this. Small ones can close supposedly but established ones might need more attention.
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I would give the Humira a go.....After my resection, the disease came back with a vengence and starting attacking the healthy areas near the surgery site.
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I would try the Humira. I'm on Humira trying to delay the need for surgery as long as possible. My main problem is an ileal stricture, which my doctor is keeping a close watch on. She said if Humira doesn't help, I'll have to have surgery. The shots aren't so bad, and I'm hoping they help relieve the inflammation and keep me from needing surgery too soon.

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Jep, got the same message as UGS today. Either the Humira starts showing more obvious results or its surgery ( stoma operation ) - kinda hard to swallow but since my quality of life is suffering so bad atm, it could be a good solution. Worried like hell though.
Humira dose will be increased to every 10 days along with daily dose of Entocort - hoping this will generate improvement.

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