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I Need Advice!!!!

If any of you have read my story you will know that my symptoms are just out of control right now. I have recently been diagnosed with crohn's disease and the many many meds i'm on dont seem to be helping one bit.
I know that IBD isn't caused by foods you eat but while your having symptoms certain food can be easier to digest for certain people. I cant seem to pinpoint any specific foods that make me feel worse, i feel like i am sick no matter what or when i eat. A while back i finally took my docs advice and started writing down what i ate and on the other side of the page i would write my symptoms and what time it was. i didn't stick with it for very long b/c i couldn't make any sense of it. Nothing seemed to stand out in my diet so i got discouraged and quit caring. Well I think it might be time to start keeping track again but i'm not sure what information i should keep track of, like just food or food and symptome and time etc.

My question to all of you is how do i keep an organized food/symptom journal and get use out of it? Did this help any of you or is it a waste of time?

My GI wrote me a script to see a nutritionist but do I need to keep track first and should I even go?
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I dont keep track because my diet is boring but I did see a nutritionist and she knew more about Crohns than most doctors do. She was a big help. I would see one and ask for one who knows about IBD. Could be worth a try, nothing ventured nothing gained. Let us know what you decide!
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I say go see the nutritionists.....She may have some great suggestions.....Look on line for some reproducible food journals/diaries to help you keep track.

I can tell you are extremely frustrated. Unfortunately there are no pat answers for each Crohn's patient....Good luck.
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each of us is different, but my triggers are dairy and fizzy drinks. it may help you to make a note of what you ate and what your tummy thought of it!!. a severe reaction will happen in about 10 mins.
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