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GNC Crohn's Man
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Music therapy...

I'm not talkiing about doing gregoran chants or anything just listeing to music that has an emotinal impact on you. Does it help you to express out all your pent up emptions when your alone? I was raised to be strong and to tough it out. My grand dad (on my fathers side) pulled out one of his own teeth (no numbing agents) in his shed witha pair of wire plyers because he didn't wan to pay a dentsit $500 to a dentists when he could do it for free...

My mom broke two vertabrea in her back driving home in a car accident (I have no clue how she was able to move) but she crawled about a mile and a half or so to the house... Their we rushed her off to the hospital...

My family is tough and I just can't express a lot of weeknesss around them... I do not want them to worry about me... My dad just got colon cancer and I think the only reason he hangs on in this life is to see that I get stable, get on my own insurance, and get a decent job...

Well back to music...

I find listening to Johnny Cashes last recordings helps me a lot.. You can really hear the hurt, pain, and loneliness in his voice.. Watch out though this music isn't for casual listening it is deep very deep and seems to almost touch your soul...

Even if you don't like Johnny Cash... American IV, and American V (his last two albums we recorded before he died are a most have... They have helped me so much... I feel the pain and sadness in my hurt that is festering there loosen up whenever I hear his songs... He was in pain, mostly blind, depressed, and he had just lost his wife when we recorded these songs... We can really feel the hurt and suffering... For some odd reason that makes me feel better to know that someone can feel the amount of despair I am feeling...

But that's just my thoughts and what I listen too when I get to feeling really down...

Any of ya'll have any music that helps you to get through your day and makes you feel better?

Also I'm sorry if I have a lot more spelling mistakes than normal.. Was going to go to bed and had taken plenty of valium based meds to do so (even through a full predisone up swing) to knock me out... But for some odd reason I had to get up... So i'm just awake and quiet drugged atm...

Maybe I'lll be able to sleep soon...

Cya later

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Hi! Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists i love to listen to his songs but mostly the older ones.Eva Cassidy has helped me relax in the past with her music when things have been getting to me.
Right now the only time i get to listen to music is in the car. Fav song is Dakota by the stereophonics right now. Fav chilled song something by Jack Johnston probs.

Take Care
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Jeff D.
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What makes me relax is playing and writing music. When I listen to music I have problems relaxing due to me having to then write music similar to that which in the end does make me relaxed but it takes so long for me to become relaxed.

Ring of fire sounds so much better when Johnny Cash sang it.
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Heheheh I totaly agree with you their Jeff
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I think any music that is not overly fast or loud can have a thearaputic effect. I really did not use it much during any flairs, but when I was in the hospital I had to get a PIC line put in to get TPN. I was in the area where they do put in the tube and all of a sudden, the radio (or a CD.. can't remember now) comes on. My nervousness instantly melted away. They asked if it would be ok to have it one during the time they put in the tube and I said sure. They said they found it made everyone in the room (most likely though the nervous patients) more calm and I really felt it help keep the focus away from what was going on.

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