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Hi Everyone!

So I'm getting kind of bored with the food I'm eating so I wanted to know which foods not on the low residue diet you can handle (small amount of pain, or no pain at all)
1. Olives
2. Sunchips (cornchips in general)
3. Yogurt with chunks of fruit in them
4. Caffeine
5. hot wings
6. fresh tomatoes (in a salad or grilled cheese sandwich)
7. those peppers you get with pizza
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i know how you feel, i miss spicy foods too. I'm from Buffalo, and as you may or not know, Buffalo is known for (and basically invented) Buffalo wings. And I go to a huge university here and all my friends ever want to do is go out for wings!! And I miss them so much
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made a chicken stir-fry with bell peppers, mushrooms and Hoysin sauce last night. Severed it with a side of parboiled rice and steamed Broccoli. I thought I was going to pay bigtime with that sauce but I was fine.
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I'm fine with cornchips and tomatoes. I can handle caffeine to a point, can't drink more than one coffee every few days..

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