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Cheese and Vegestables

so i was able to replace the cows milk with soy milk, rice milk, goats milk, almond milk, etc but what i cant get over is cheese...i love cheese and now i find myself eating goat cheese but cant eat the others. Is cheese really that bad?

hm. Also, when i didnt have CD i wasnt aware of things like a gluteen free menu, asking for soy milk at a starbucks for your drink, etc...So my question is...do a lot of restaurant offer goat cheese/dairy-free cheese or something, i dont know, for cheese when you order off the menu or its something that just doesnt exist and u just gotta learn to deal with it?

also, veggies. How bad it lettuce? I usually eat it with a burger or a ceasear salad, thats about it.
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All depends on the person. Cheese does not bother me, but I can't deal with Milk or Ice Cream.

I don't digest lettuce to well but it does not really bother me. I was a veggi for a majority of my life with Crohn's and did really well in that time.
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Cheese doesn't bother me either....Most salad green don't cause me pain, but they preetty much don't digest either.
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I seem to be able to eat both well - for the most part. Every so often I might have problems, but then I'm left wondering if maybe it was something else I ate (ha - anyone else know what I'm saying here?). Everyone is different, you kind of have to "test" for yourself - but the results can change according to the activity of your disease at the moment - this is what I have found (and is frustrating!).

I don't know about the dairy substitutes at restaurants. You could always ask and see.
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so what if you eat cheese and nothing happens? the gastro told me even if you eat a few times and nothing happens, you are "feeding the monster" and are setting myself up for a possible flare in the future...like adding a drop to a glass...nothing happens until eventually fills up and spills.

so my question is. even if it doesnt do you bad, its better to fully avoid it right? or not?
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I get what you are saying that is what I have always wondered.
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I agree with karma. I expect that sometimes we get instant reactions. However I don't seem to have this to anything in particular. But, I do wonder if some of the 'bad' stuff I eat will be causing inflamation/damage, even if I don't necessarily feel it at the time.
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