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Super foods?

Hello everyone this is my first time in this forum. Recently when visiting my doctor he said to go home and research these so called "superfoods." I have been looking around everywhere and do not seem to understand what he is refering to. I guess what I am trying to say is what are these "superfoods" and what foods are universal that most CD patients can eat?

Thank you
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Got me on that one

everyone is different
some people tollerate some foods yet not others

too me anything I eat that doesn't upset my gut etc Is super lol

but sayin that a few things I've found too be ok are skinless chicken breast steamed or George foreman style
instant mix mash potato
fish either grilled steamed or fried (in pan no oil hardly)
couliflour. Baby carrots from the tin
beetroot in the tin
some cheese
white bread
custard. Jelly. ( you may call it jello or gelotine??)
eggs. gingerale. tin spghetti. Plain pototo chips/crisps.

an a few others

no no's for me
spices. Milk. Beans. Corn. Onion. Tomatos (Tom soup ok tho weird). Capsicum. Chilli.
brocolli peas brussell sprouts an alot of fruits
still experimenting ATM
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O yea coffee an tea big no no's for me too
must be the caffine
pepsi an coke too
yet lemon squash or solo is fine
mountain dew is ok too
tho carbonated drinks do tend too get my gut burbling
I mainly drink diet cordial can't stand drinkin plain water I feel bloated if I drink too much. Weird huh
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Hello and welcome to the forum
I dont know if he was referring what is also called 'functional foods' Things like... I cant think of one off the top of my head. But basically they are food products which have added ingredients to give you something more. Like breakfast cereals are fortified with iron. Some yoghurt drinks have things in to lower cholesterol etc. I can imagine things like this would be good for us crohnies if we cant absorb things as well, it gives us a little bit extra in our diet. Oh another example is sports drinks, they have things in them to improve muscle function. Hope this helps!
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It is also a book.
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I think cream eggs are SUPER!.......but not in the way that you're talking about. Am obsessed with them.

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