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Do I call the Dr.?

So I have been doing great since my diagnosis a month ago. This week was very stressfull for me and I could have predicted a flair up. I had some chinese food (steamed chicken and veggies) and then got REALLY sick yesterday at work. The usuall vomitting, runs, headache, knee pain and blood in the stool. It is annoying but not debilitating. I am afraid to eat anything and have been fighting a bad headach for two days. (slept great last night though)

My question is, this is the first major flair up since the diagnosis, so at what point do I call my GI and let him know that I am having a flair up? I have this feeling that there isn't much he could do for me anyway exept maybe up my Asacol dosage. It's not like this isn't something I didn't deal with on my own before.

What would you do?
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Jeff D.
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Call him as soon as possible because the sooner you call him the sooner you will feel relief.

Good luck
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If you think there is something that could be done (as in change the dosage or the medication) then definately phone. If there is nothing the doctor can do then it is not necessary, but if you feel like the medication you are on needs to be on a higher dose, your doctor can confirm this.

In the future try and ask your doctor what should be done if you do flair with the current treatment. He/She might tell you what dosage to change if you feel a lower one is not working. It is important never to change your medication dosage without doctor permission though to ensure you do not do anything unsafe.
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Well, my two cents worth? I'd see my GP, not necessarilly my GI unless the GP figured it was required/beneficial... You mentioned the stressful part of your life you 're going thru... yet didn't mention whether you are taking anything for that stress... The idea is to avoid or limit flare-ups... perhaps your GP would prescribe something to help you cope with stressful periods, or suggest you see your GI about it.. And he/she might want you to confer with a nutrition counselor... With the stress you mentioned, perhaps the chinese food (steamed veggies...) was not the best idea. Sometimes, under stress, we add fuel to our own fire as retaliation
at life in general for being so crummy to us at times. Sort of like cutting off our own noses to spit our face... But stress will do that. You need to guard against it

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My GI doctor always manages my crohn's medications. I would call them and ask if they want you to come in or if they can call in any prescriptions changes to your pharmacy. If I anticipate a flair, I always try to eat 'non danger' food. If it does start hurting, you may be able to prevent it from getting worse until you go to the doctor by going down to full liquids or clear liquids depending on how bad the pain is.
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Ild go to my GP cause it is important that they keep track of your ups and downs even if they cant do much for you then and there it does mean that in the future they might be able to help you more.... so ild let them know
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Learn to know to learn your body... Then you will know what steps need to be taken... Otherwise you and your doctor will both be lost as far as your treatment is concerned... Also always give them as much info as possible... To much info is much better than not enough...

If you are compeletly lost on how to learn what your body is telling you then you just need to do a few things.

For the Crohn's you need to get 4 Journals... You will need to put a time and a date on everything so make sure you have your watch/ calandar ready.. (For me I just turn on the satalite T.V. and mash the button to change the channel)

The first journal list: what food you ate, what amount, what kind, any sauces etc... Don't forget at what time you started and stopped eating... Also include liquid in take as well... As a crohn's patient you need to eat slow.... Eat fast and your gonna get done soon but you will be sorrry...

The second journal: This is a two fold journal.

List the place of the pain (be as specfic as possible) type of pain, (accute, blunt), severity of pain (your range 1-10 not the hosipitalizes range of 1-10) 10 being the highest...

Now also on this journal you can write down your bowl movemenets because often times bowel movements can be very very painful experinces...

Remember date and time... Also crohn's bowel movments might take 5 min may take 1+ hour... So write a start time and an end time...

As far as that goes right down if their was any blood, color of stool (yes the color of the stool matters so don't just say brown say brown with some black black with some green), type of stool (hard, soft dierha), texture of stool (mushy, dry and formed, mucusy)... This sounds nastey and requires you to wipe and then look at what you wiped but it will allow to further understadn your body...

The third journal is for your meds and supplments... Write down when you took your meds and when you took your supplements also if your stomach was empty, half empty, or full when you took said supplements/meds...

That takes care of the crohn's now lets take care of your stress... Go into a quiet room and sit upright and comfortabley and clear your mind of all thoughts for 10 min... It may take longer than 10 min or it might take less time... The point of this exercise is to clear your mind of all the stress that is going on at this present moment... Once you have cleared your mind take out that last journal and list all of the things that have been stresing you out.. Next make another list of ways you can start to avoid that stress... If you can place times stamps on these situations... If it is crohnic stress then just remember to include that too... And what if anything is affects that stress both negativly and postiivly...

All of these things require very little extra time or energy to do... You can just put your journals in your breifcase (if you are a professional) or you could just put them in a walmart bag if you are like me.... Just remember to always have at least 3 writing devices on you at all times... You can't really write in a journal if you don't have a writing device... Always remember to write things down as they happen or as close to that time as you can... This way you won't forget things and details... And always right down that time or times... if an event takes a while...

I hope this helps you understand yourself a lot better... Because as I said your doctors never gonna 100% know you... Your the only person that can 100% know you... You just have to learn to listen to your body... After reading your journals you will notice patterns and then you will learn the pattern your body is currently in... Then you can take steps to fix said pattern if it is not the right pattern for you...

Also you can show your journals to your doctor and he can point at patterns to you as well that might help you...

Ok cya later


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The journal idea is good. I never thought to be so specific. I do have everything from the weekend written down for my Dr. for when he calls me back. (hopefully soon)

I wasn't so concerned before but I had severe pain last night that was only relieved with vomitting. I am doing liquids and rest today. That Ensure tastes pretty good.

I feel silly calling the Dr. sometimes when I think there is nothing he can really do but I guess it is important that he knows what is going on.

Funny thing is, I knew this was going to happen this weekend and I felt helpless. The one bad thing I did do was eat that chinese food. Even though it was light and I only had a little bit, I should have known better. As far as the stress, I deal with the public and this week is a BIG one at my theater. I got pushed too far and had a big attack at work. I am so scared of this happening. I wonder if the fact that I am scared about it brings it on even faster.

Thanks again for the suggestions. I feel better calling my Dr. now.
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I also would call your GI verses calling your regular GI told my she wants to be the one called regarding ANY digestive problems. If it is just a matter of being prescribed something to help you through more stressful times, your GI could do that just as well as your regular doc. But your GI may be able to do something even if you don't think so....never hurts to try, and I figure the more they know and have on file, the more they can help you when you need it.

I would also try sticking to soft food and liquid diet til you are feeling better. When I was in the worst pain after my diagnosis, I mostly ate soup broth, a little pasta, jello, ensure shakes (they're lactose free), and protein (eggs/fish/etc). Good luck....
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Look Stuffette... whichever of your doctors you decide to see is stricty your decision.
In my neack of the woods its just quicker for me to get in to see my GP... your case it may be different... And, this may well be a flare-up... but us people with IBD also get the run of the mill illnesses as well... stomach flu, whatever. Only you can tell if what you're feeling is part of your IBD, or whether it might be something unrelated. One way or the other, let a doctor decide. I kind of sensed that you expected to get sick (self fulfilling prophecy, or perhaps like a lot of us when we get stressed out, it can either trigger a relapse, or we chose to hide behind our illness)... only you know yourself well enuff to decide which category this episode falls under. I also got the feeling that perhaps you felt a little responsible for this flare (working too hard, not eating right) and really were looking for an excuse not to see your GI. (I could be totally off the mark here)... But it is vital to your health to tell your GI these ups & downs, whether you were a good patient or bad dooby
(OMIGOD, shades of Romper Room - I was a parent for far too long).. You are only human, we all screw up, don't think your doctor expects you to be perfect patient.
Just track your meds, your diet, your BM, your good days & bad, and discuss it all with your doctors... It's really important that you tell them the whole story, okay?
(Hmmm, never thought of it that way--- I can see it now "IBD, The Hole Story!")
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Stuffette said:
I feel silly calling the Dr. sometimes when I think there is nothing he can really do but I guess it is important that he knows what is going on.
I ALWAYS feel like that. I get bullied into calling now by either my mom or Jonny
it helps a lot. otherwise I play the "I will just wait it out and see how I feel in a few" card all the time. and thats gotten me no where in the past.

good luck! and I hope you are feeling better soon.
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He called me right back and we decided that I had food poisoning (AGAIN) and I just needed another 24 hours of a liquid diet to get through it.

So glad he didn't make me come in to figure that out. No more Chinese food for me, even it is just steamed chicken.

I agree that it is easier to get an appointment with my GP. She communicates really well with my GI so I am lucky. It takes weeks to get an appoinment with my GI, even if I am in the middle of a flair.

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