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What to eat when away from home?

I've been trying to get away with the husband for the day or an over night trip. Since this whould be the first trip since being told i have crohn's, i'm alittle nervous about what to eat. Ive been mostly eatting tuna fish sandwichs, jello, applesause, easymac ( mac and cheese that is microwaved) hot dogs, smooth peanut butter, and pancakes. I'm slow to try new things because sometimes i get slight pain after eatting. What do you eat when your away from home? What do you make sure you have with you on trips?

Thanks for any help!
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Most of what you eat are safe, except hotdogs, if you only knew what was in them and very rubbery, I havent eaten a hotdog or sausage in 7 years, it acts like a plug.

I was told to not drink water only bottled water and tea can be boiled where coffee isnt, and peeled fruit and veggies are best. Buy some digestive enzymes that break down carbs and proteins. Over night shouldnt be a problem, have a good time and dont stress ok? Let us know how your trip goes!
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if we go out for the day I always make a lunch to take with us. Eating in a restaurant is so overrated and if you ever worked in one before . . . .

But I do occasionally have to entertain my dear GF by getting a "treat" to eat now and then. Last week we hit a Tacobell and I got Burritos with Refried beans instead of beef. It went down fine. No fancy stuff for this guy. Even if they try and make it look healthy on the menu it might as well be poison to me. If I were at a full service restaurant I will look for poached fish with a sprinkle of lemon juice or a simple pasta dish. Even better is Quiche which you can often find as a Kosher food at any quality food joint. I would not bother trying a Keg or other such steak house.
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I usually am able to find something at restaurants. I am not able to eat hot dogs! Did not eat them much before I got diagnosed either. When ordering if your out try to order mashed potato or baked potato instead of fries. Any kind of baked or grilled chiken or fish dishes. For an apetizer usually I stick with soup. I love soup! If you are going to be in the car for a while make sure to bring water. My diet is usually to stay away from fried, greens, seeds, some fruits (I stick with bananas).
I hope you enjoy your trip! Dont worry too much

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