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My brother's grandson

My brother's 2 1/2 yr pld grandson has had Hirshsprung disease since he was born and has had many procedures to try to get it under control. This week he was rushed to Ann Arbor due to intestinal infection and had part of his large intestine remove and a bag attached. Yesterday they had to go back in because his intestine may have gotten twisted so things weren't working again.
He is always a happy little guy and takes everything so good. My brother and sil are beside themselves with worry.
It is always so hard to see a little child going through so much at such a young age.
He has also been diagnosed with IBS which has really complicated things.
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Oh Pirate
That's so awful, especially for such a little kid. What is the next step, if known?
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Lord Pirate that is so tough for you all and for the little guy too.

Times like this you wish you could wave a magic wand for him and his parents and other family.

Thinking of you all. Sending lots of leprechaun hugs too.


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Poor little pumpkin. I hope he starts to do better soon.
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Well, from what I gather they are going to get rid of the infection and than in about 6 months they will evaluate to see if they can reverse the bag. We're hoping that they decide to wait a little longer before doing the reversal to give the little guy a chance to get all his strenght back. I'm hoping to hear from my brother today to see how everything went yesterday and what the Dr. has come up with as far as a recovery plan and for treating the IBS.
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Awww that is such a sad thing when children are sick. Poor little guy I hope and will pray that he will get better soon.
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I'm sorry to hear this Pirate. Let's pray he gets strong again quickly and they can do a "fix it" surgery and get him working normally! I hate when this kind of stuff happens to little ones :O(
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Big hug your way Pirate, and for the little munchkin!
Bad enuf being older with this, nay mind being a little un!
Joan xx


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Sorry to hear this news Pirate....Hirshsprungs can be so scary for parents. I hope they can get everything figured out for him.
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Janis just came home and said they didn't do the 2nd surgery yesterday for the possible twisted intestine. They put in a drain tube and got poop so they think that the intestine was just swelled from the other surgery.
His mom called and said that yesterday his stomach was just huge and today it is flat so thats a good sign. He is back on morphine though. Hopefully that doesn't last long.
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Hey Pirate I had to look this up because I never heard of it.

That sounds very intrusive and painful, let alone scary for a parent and child to go through. I remember seeing a little baby in the barium follow thru area when I was having a CT Scan and she was crying and was hungry in between xrays. Makes me wonder if this could of been the little babies case.

My heart goes out to your brothers grandson.. can the child grow out of it? Hugs!
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Oh Pirate, the poor little fella.

He is in my prayers. Horrible that he is having to go through surgery so young.

Hugs to all your family

Lishyloo x

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